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Legal wedding if you’re not part of the EU, America, GCC or apostille countries

These packages are tailored for people living in the UAE, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait.

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About the certificate

✔️ No “Online” mention

It’s a regular wedding procedure with witnesses, registrar and Civil Registrar office. The only difference is that it is done by a lawyer with power of attorney on your behalf in your absence.

So technically for you it will be online, but the process itself is happening offline and the wedding certificate is no different than any other issued upon your presence. 

✔️ Apostille certificate

The wedding certificate you receive is apostille, which means it is recognizable by over 100 countries that are members of a Hague Apostille convention. However please note some countries do require extra steps for its legalization.

For countries like UAE there is an extra step of legalization required to have your certificate recognized but we’ll take care of it too for you.

✔️ Legalized certificate

Some of the GCC countries are not part of the apostille convention. Therefore, our team needs to proceed with the needed registration based on your country of residence.

✔️ Wedding Consultation

We need to make sure that we can help you and that you meet the requirements for getting married through power of attorney that’s why the first step of the process is a consultation with our legal advisor to walk you through details.

🎁 Lawyer review

If you need the help of an external lawyer, our team will recommend you our trusted partners. This can be needed for advanced legal documentation.

About the ceremony

✔️ Zoom ceremony

Based on the selected countries (not all of them offer this option), the ceremony will be organized by an official representant of the country through zoom. You can also invite friends & family to join.

✔️ Documents check

You will only need your passport for the process. We will take care of its notarization to make sure it meets all the requirements. In case of divorce you may be requested to provide extra documents.

✔️ Documents verification

Before the wedding, all documents will be reviewed & authentified by the proper authorities. This verification is needed for every wedding.

✔️ Witnesses

Pretty much everywhere it is required to have two witnesses for the marriage registration. And our online wedding through power of attorney is not an exception here. You’ve got nothing to worry about here. We provide witnesses from our side.

✔️ Organization

Prior to your wedding our team will take you through all the steps to make sure that both of you are comfortable with. This rehersal is not mandatory but help you understand how beautiful will be this moment.

After your wedding

✔️ Documents shipping

Our team will handle locally all the steps. Once done we work with the main courier providers to make sure that your documents will be delivered to you no time. 

✔️ Married or refunded

We try our best to help every couple. But sometimes life has its own way. If for some reason we are not able to help you get legally married, you are entitled to a 100% refund.

✔️ After wedding support

Laws and regulations tend to change quite often. The document that was perfectly valid just yesterday, may require a new stamp tomorrow. But you don’t need to worry about it. Our team provides all the support to help you keep up with the changing world.

🎁 GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stamp

The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid in the GCC is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp in the respective country. This last step can be added to support you from A to Z.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Online civil marriage contract package is tailored for difficult cases and for couples seriously affected by COVID or not able to travel while living in any country. However, our team needs to proceed with a lot of legal checkups in order to confirm that the wedding will be useful in your specific case. 

If you face a situation where you can’t get married in the country of your current residence and you can’t travel due to the borders closure or personal reasons but you need a wedding certificate, we found a way for you.

The process is not simple and takes a few weeks because it involves a lot of legal work. It is worth it if you have already exhausted all the other options and need a solution.

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Most common questions
Choose to get Married Online If You are a Foreigner Living in Saudi Arabia

We all know that COVID-19 has completely transformed the way we used to live. It has literally changed the landscape of the whole world. That’s why getting married in such a situation can be very difficult.

Moreover, if you are living in a place where the procedure to get married is already difficult then you will find yourself out of luck. That’s why we have come up with this article today that offers the best alternative for foreigners marriage in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements to Get Married in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Getting married in Saudi Arabia is not the easiest way. There is a long list of requirements that every couple needs to meet. Here are some of the most important ones for Muslim Foreigners.

  • The couple must provide the residence permit/Iqama
  • The bride must obtain permission from her sponsor in a written form
  • Both the bride and the groom need to agree with the marriage terms and conditions
  • All of the religious practices for marriage must take place and both the bride and the groom must agree to them
  • The marriage license work, as well as the ceremony, will take place at Saudi family courts
  • Two witnesses must be present with the approval letter
  • Both the bride and the groom must provide a premarital medical test report
  • The representatives or the couple themselves must be physically present
  • The father/guardian of the female must also be present

Requirements for Non-Muslims Foreigners

Well, honestly speaking the best bet for the Non-Muslim foreigners to get married in the KSA is to choose to get married in their respective embassies. Depending upon your nationality this process will take variable time. But now due to the coronavirus and the current situation of the world, it’s also not a very reliable way. That’s why it’s best to opt for getting married online.

Concluding Choose to get Married Online If You are a Foreigner Living in Saudi Arabia

You won’t have to take a single step out of your home in order to get married online. It avoids all the hassle and effort and also the time as compared to the wedding process of the KSA. Alternatively getting married in UAE can be a much liberal option for expats.

If you want to get married online then let us know today. We would love to help you out.

Is Getting Married Online Cheap? – How to get married price without traveling?

Pricing is one of the most important and decisive factors while opting for any service. The same is the case with wedding services. There are different companies with different wedding packages and people opt for the ones that suit their needs and budget the best. But now those days sitting on the fence were opting for a destination wedding. And it all happened because of the COVID-19. Now one of the most optimal and efficient ways to get married is to opt for an online wedding. Here yet again the same question arises whether getting married online is a cheap process or not. This article discusses this question and you’ll find all the information that you want to know regarding it. So, keep on reading to find out if the online wedding is the right option for you or not. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Shall we?

Is Online Wedding Process Cheap or Expensive?

Well, it depends upon how to look at it. It can be both cheap and expensive at the same time. That’s because it won’t cost you as a traditional destination wedding does but still, it’s not a budget option.

Here are all the reasons why!

So, when you opt for a destination wedding, you have to spend a lot of money on your travel that includes flights, hotels, and the expenses on meals, etcetera. Moreover, you also have to spend money on the services of getting married as well. But in the case of an online wedding, you don’t need to travel that saves you money. But at the same time, the procedure is complex and carried out by professional and experienced lawyers. As you know the great and experienced lawyers are never cheap. So, you’ll yet again need to spend more money than a simple wedding for an online wedding. Additionally, the lawyers will have to take care of everything without having you physically present at your wedding. So it will also take more work, which will cost a little more.

Final Word on Is Getting Married Online Cheap? – How to get married price without traveling?

So, the final verdict would be that an online wedding is definitely not more expensive than a destination wedding. But it’s also not a cheap and budget option to get your fully legalized wedding certificate.

If you want to get married online then let us know today and we’ll get back to you right away.

Choose Marriage for Sponsorship Fast Online Process If You Cant Travel to Sponsor Your Partner

We all know that COVID-19 is by far the biggest worry of the whole world. Not only is it taking so many precious lives but it is also making countless fewer people lose their jobs. The same is the case with the people living in the UAE. Keep on reading to find out if you or your partner is in the same situation and how you can sponsor your partner.

How to Sponsor Your Partner In the UAE?

If you find your partner in a situation where s/he has lost the job for fear of losing it, you can actually save them by getting married. Yes, you heard it right you can actually sponsor your partner by marrying him/her. Here are some of the best ways that you can choose to get married in the UAE during COVID-19.

The most obvious way to get married in the UAE is to choose the UAE court wedding process. But it might not be the right fit for you as it takes a lot of time and effort.

The second method is to opt for getting married in Georgia. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get married for the UAE expats.

The third way is to go to Seychelles to get married. It is one of the best places on earth for weddings. But if you’re stuck and cannot travel then it might also not be the right option for you.

The last and the most feasible way to get married in the UAE for the people who can’t travel is getting married online. It is actually a thing where you can use the power of attorney to get your wedding certificate. Keep in mind that this method can be very expensive.

Concluding Choose Marriage for Sponsorship Fast Online Process If You Cant Travel to Sponsor Your Partner

That’s how you can sponsor your partners who are in trouble while living in the UAE. You can opt for our service not only to get married but by acquiring our packages you can also receive a spouse resident visa for the newlyweds also or even newborn visa if they are expecting.

If you need help regarding this matter then let us know in the comment section down below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

If you are from GCC and want to get married then you would already know that it can be a very overwhelming task. The requirements in GCC can be very long and complicated depending upon your unique situation. That’s where the online and Georgia marriage for GCC residents comes into play.

Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents

If you are in a hurry and want to get married as soon as possible then getting married in Georgia is your best choice. Moreover, if you are restricted because of COVID-19 and can’t travel then consider an online wedding. You won’t need to travel because our proxy wedding services have got you covered.

The wedding process in Georgia is simple. The criteria to marry in Georgia are also simple. It’s one of the main reasons Georgia is regarded as one of the best places for GCC residents to be married.

Easy Wedding Process

You can fly from the GCC to this country in three hours. The best thing about this country for GCC citizens is that most people can visit without a visa. Furthermore, whether you and your partner are of different nationalities or religions, you can easily marry here. After getting married in Georgia, you will receive the apostille wedding certificate. This certificate is recognized as a legal document in hundreds of different countries. The cost of your wedding here is also less than what you would pay for an embassy wedding.

On the other hand, you’ll need to inform us about your situation if you want to opt for an online wedding service. With the power of attorney, we’ll provide you with your wedding certificate without even your physical presence.

Final Words on Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

Sometimes you need to get the wedding certificate within days, and there is no better option than Georgia marriage for GCC residents in such situations.

If you know someone who is in the same situation, then provide them with these solutions to help them.

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