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These packages are tailored for people living or planning to live in the European Union.

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About the certificate

✔️ No “Online” mention

It’s a regular wedding procedure with witnesses, registrar and Civil Registrar office. The only difference is that it is done by a lawyer with power of attorney on your behalf in your absence.

So technically for you it will be online, but the process itself is happening offline and the wedding certificate is no different than any other issued upon your presence. 

✔️ Apostille certificate

The wedding certificate you receive is apostille, which means it is recognizable by over 100 countries that are members of a Hague Apostille convention. However please note some countries do require extra steps for its legalization.

For countries like UAE there is an extra step of legalization required to have your certificate recognized but we’ll take care of it too for you.

✔️ Legalized certificate

Some of the GCC countries are not part of the apostille convention. Therefore, our team needs to proceed with the needed registration based on your country of residence.

✔️ Wedding Consultation

We need to make sure that we can help you and that you meet the requirements for getting married through power of attorney that’s why the first step of the process is a consultation with our legal advisor to walk you through details.

🎁 Lawyer review

If you need the help of an external lawyer, our team will recommend you our trusted partners. This can be needed for advanced legal documentation.

About the ceremony

✔️ Zoom ceremony

Based on the selected countries (not all of them offer this option), the ceremony will be organized by an official representant of the country through zoom. You can also invite friends & family to join.

✔️ Documents check

You will only need your passport for the process. We will take care of its notarization to make sure it meets all the requirements. In case of divorce you may be requested to provide extra documents.

✔️ Documents verification

Before the wedding, all documents will be reviewed & authentified by the proper authorities. This verification is needed for every wedding.

✔️ Witnesses

Pretty much everywhere it is required to have two witnesses for the marriage registration. And our online wedding through power of attorney is not an exception here. You’ve got nothing to worry about here. We provide witnesses from our side.

✔️ Organization

Prior to your wedding our team will take you through all the steps to make sure that both of you are comfortable with. This rehersal is not mandatory but help you understand how beautiful will be this moment.

After your wedding

✔️ Documents shipping

Our team will handle locally all the steps. Once done we work with the main courier providers to make sure that your documents will be delivered to you no time. 

✔️ Married or refunded

We try our best to help every couple. But sometimes life has its own way. If for some reason we are not able to help you get legally married, you are entitled to a 100% refund.

✔️ After wedding support

Laws and regulations tend to change quite often. The document that was perfectly valid just yesterday, may require a new stamp tomorrow. But you don’t need to worry about it. Our team provides all the support to help you keep up with the changing world.

🎁 GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stamp

The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid in the GCC is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp in the respective country. This last step can be added to support you from A to Z.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Online civil marriage contract package is tailored for difficult cases and for couples seriously affected by COVID or not able to travel while living in the European Union.

If you face a situation where you can’t get married in the country of your current residence and you can’t travel due to the borders closure or personal reasons but you need a wedding certificate, we found a way for you.

The process is not simple and takes a few weeks because it involves a lot of legal work. It is worth it if you have already exhausted all the other options and need a solution.

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  • Online ceremony
Most common questions
Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible – Will I Actually Be Married Online if I Choose Online Wedding Service?

The latest studies and researches show that people are using the internet for all types of services which we never thought of before. Thanks to the COVID-19 that has changed the landscape of countless things and boosted internet usage. But what about marrying online? Is it even a real thing? Does marrying online actually mean an online wedding? First of all, Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible. This article will help you especially if you’re from somewhere where you can’t marry and travel is also not possible. So, without any further ado let’s jump into it.

Is Getting Married Online Actually an Online Wedding Process?

If we talk about the actual wedding process, then it’s certainly an off-line one. It’s a real wedding procedure (paperwork) that is performed in another country without having you physically present there. So technically speaking, it’s still an online process from your perspective.

How to prepare for Your Online Marriage?

Well, the fact of the matter you really don’t need to perform any hefty or hectic activity. That’s because nothing’s really required from your side. First of all, what we do is schedule a call with you in order to find out all the key information and details unique to your particular scenario. It includes nationality, current marital status, religion, etcetera. Our team of experienced and expert lawyers will do a full embassy check-up after studying everything. It will allow them to determine whether online marriage is feasible in your particular case. If it is good to go then we will start the online wedding process for you.

How Does an “Online” Marriage Happen?

In order to marry online, you’ll need to provide your passport copy and power of attorney. Then our lawyers residing in another country will apply for the marriage registration on your behalf. Thus, the wedding registrar will issue a wedding certificate. After that, the wedding certificate will undergo a local legalization process. Once the whole process is complete, we’ll receive the original hard copy to complete the final step of legalization if you live in the UAE. Or we’ll send you the original copy to take care of the final step if you reside in a different country. 

It is important to keep in mind that the wedding certificate that you will get is issued by a government institution. So, you won’t find it saying “online” anywhere as in its true nature it’s not online.

Final Word on Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible – Will I Actually Be Married Online if I Choose Online Wedding Service?

So that’s how the online wedding process takes place. You get a completely legalized wedding certificate that allows you to use it anywhere you want to live as a family.

If you know someone living in the UAE or anywhere else as well and wants to marry online, share this article with them.

Online wedding and easy wedding Dubai – A comparison of the two options

Many people go to Dubai for a number of reasons which include education, business, and tourism. Some others want an easy wedding in Dubai or a permanent relocation. This is not surprising because the economy of Dubai has experienced a boom in recent years.

Despite all of these, marriage which is an important milestone might not be so easy for non-Muslims. The reason can be linked to the fact that Dubai is Islamic territory. So it conducts its affairs in line with Sharia law. This post will now consider the option of an easy wedding in Dubai versus an Online wedding.

Conditions for marriage in Dubai

A wedding officer conducts marriages in the Dubai court or Al Adheed center. Also, the bride should give her approval before the marriage commences. This is a very vital requirement for marriage.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, two male witnesses and the bride’s father should be present at the courthouse. Under the provisions of the Dubai marriage law, the legal age for marriage is 18 and at least one of the parties should reside in the emirate. Furthermore, none of the persons getting married should be twice the age of the other.

Documents required for the wedding

After meeting all of these conditions, the couple should present the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Emirate ID(s)
  • Birth certificates
  • Evidence of annulling a previous marriage
  • Death certificate of a former partner

The above are the requirements for a Muslim-Muslim marriage in Dubai. An Online wedding is easier because the presence of the couple is not required for a significant part of the process. But the couple should submit the PDF forms of the documents listed above at the Interactive Case Registration section of the Dubai courts marriage website.

Concluding the comparison between the Online and easy wedding Dubai options

Dubai is great for many reasons but it is clear that non-Muslims might find it a bit hard to marry there. That said, expats can ease the process by opting for an Online wedding. A digital certificate is obtained after the couple completes the process. On request, the couple can also have a physical copy of their certificate.

The certificate gotten from an online wedding is as valid as the one obtained from other forms of marriage. This type of marriage saves time and stress. Couples will be happy to have this easy route for marriage.

If you or a friend wish to explore the online method of marriage, you can get more details from an experienced expert. Our wedding agency has a responsive team that can cater to your needs. Book a consultation with them for more information.

Top Beach Marriage Packages or Online Wedding

On your wedding day, it’s normal to want to get away from it all. Having the kind of party you want to honor your wedding day while still keeping things natural and straightforward may be challenging.

These problems have been solved creatively and effectively with the right beach wedding partners. We’ve learned a lot from brides who are master planners and brides who realize the value of keeping things as easy as possible.

Alternately if you want to avoid the hassle of a crowd, plan an intimate get-together and host your wedding online for your guests.

Budgeted packages for your beach wedding

There is a slew of details to consider while planning a far-flung wedding. Its totally up to the host of how lavish or simple they want their wedding to be. You can go totally outta your way and include additional meals, housing, and comfort for visitors.

Some couples prefer to have a more traditional reception after a more casual wedding to keep costs down. One of the most memorable weddings we’ve attended was a multi-day event where most guests were camping for the weekend. Before you go too far into the planning process, it’s essential to have this conversation.

An online wedding Vs a beach marriage worth remembering

There are many reasons one can consider an online wedding especially if the partners are living in different countries and would want to sponsor another. However; if a beach wedding is what you are looking forward; do not hesitate to ask our team for our beach wedding packages.

Want to know something more which we didn’t answer yet, talk to our planners and we are sure they will be happy to answer any questions.

Getting Married Online, Free (Is a Myth)

Many people come to Dubai to make a living because of the chances and lifestyle it provides. The standard of living is unquestionably high, and there are numerous prospects for advancement, but this does not imply that everything is perfect.

There are also tricky instances where you can’t seem to come up with a better or satisfactory solution. Because of the large list of obligations and expenses, getting married is one of those complicated situations. Continue reading to see how getting married online for free is a myth and how much would a legal wedding cost.

Cost of Online Wedding in Dubai

Just like there’s no free food in the world; and one must work for it. Similarly; those who said getting married online free is a possibility definitely has been living in a bubble. Let’s just say; getting married online could possibly cost the same as compared to a legal wedding because of the time with the legal experts, lawyers and embassy that would be involved.

However; with that said; you would be saving up on the venue, attire, reception, and so on can all add up to a large sum of money. And instead of spending months juggling dozens of forms, you can sit back and relax while our lawyers get you married in roughly three weeks.

Legal Wedding Bare Minimum Price

If you already know all of the legal requirements for getting married in Dubai, make sure you’re aware of the following costs.

  1. A premarital medical screening certificate might cost anywhere between AED 250 and AED 900, depending on the medical centre you choose.
  2. A fee of up to AED 1800 is charged by the Dubai Court that oversees your wedding proceedings.
  3. You will need to have some documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as stated in the legislative criteria. The attestation will set you back AED 160.
  4. Aside from that, you’ll need to check with your consulate about the charge for having your marriage legalised in your home country (which you’ll have to do sooner or later, so getting it done right away is suggested). This is because, depending on the nature of the process, it differs from country to country. In your native country, however, each stamp can cost up to 45 dollars.

Online Vs Legal Wedding: Your final pick

In the wake of the pandemic; many couples that live in GCC countries have struggled to travel back and getting married in their home country. Getting married online has the advantage of being able to take place anywhere; whether it’s at your home or somewhere special to you.

Share this article with someone whose contemplating between a legal wedding or a online wedding.

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