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Where to get married when you live in the GCC?


If you live together in the GCC you may have three reasons to get married:

  • You may be looking for a way to make your relationship official.
  • You are planning to have your partner under your spouse visa.
  • Or you would like to have a child.

Any of those three reasons will lead you to looking for a wedding certificate. The question is where to get married when you need one.

1. Get married through your respective embassy in the GCC

The main option is to ask directly at your embassy what is the process and what are the steps to get married. Most of the time they will request a lot of documents. It could be a good option if you both are of the same religion and nationality.

If your partner is from a different religion or nationality it could be very complicated due to the list of documents that you will have to provide to your embassy to get married.

2. Let the GCC court marry you

Another option, if you both are muslim, is to get married in the court in any of the GCC countries.

If it is too difficult for you to get married in your embassy or if you are both non-muslim, you will have to look for an alternative.

Alternatives, such as to find the cheapest place to get a wedding certificate, and a place with less hassles when it comes to legalizations or documentation needed.

3. Choose destination wedding and tie the knot in Georgia or Seychelles

There are four main countries when it comes to getting married: Seychelles, Denmark, Cyprus, Georgia. These four countries have a simple and straightforward process, however depending on where you live you will have to get more information to consider.

You will have to look at the travel time, the City hall or Public Service hall working days to process all the documentation. You will have to consider the full price of flights, accommodation and daily spendings over there. Consider as well the global investment in terms of money and time.

Please make sure to double check at your embassy the list of requirements you may be asked to register your wedding certificate.

4. Get married online through power of attorney

This option might seem a little more pricey than the others but look at the bright side: you won’t spend a penny on traveling. You can sit back and go on with your daily routine while our team of professional lawyers works on getting you married without traveling.

All we can tell you is if you are looking for a good place to get married, wedding online is definitely one of the best options.

Want to have more information about the process? Put a “+” below and we’ll contact you! We provide tons of recommendations for free and who knows we may have the chance to help you to get married in Georgia soon.

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