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Civil Marriage in Tbilisi Georgia Vs Online Wedding

Civil Marriage in Tbilisi Georgia Vs Getting Married Online in the UAE!

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Are you unsure if you should have your civil marriage in Tbilisi Georgia or getting married online because you are a foreigner?

If you live in any of the GCC countries, this article highlights the most important factors to make when getting married in Georgia and planning on an online wedding in the UAE. Our recommendations and legal checklist can help you come one step closer to having the stress-free and simple wedding you’ve always imagined.

Requirements for a Civil Marriage in Tbilisi Georgia

Let’s face it: getting married in Georgia is a lot easier for foreign nationals living in the GCC countries. Many complications come with marrying someone from a different race, culture, or country.

This is most likely one of the main reasons why the number of foreign nationals who meet, fall in love, and desire to marry in Georgia has increased in recent years. If you live in one of the GCC countries, here’s what you’ll need to be married in Georgia:

  • Your passport will be required.
  • Notarization and translation of a passport
  • In Georgia, there will be two witnesses at the wedding.
  • Arrive in Georgia and complete the necessary paperwork.
  • After you’ve married in Georgia, you’ll need to register and translate your wedding certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as have it confirmed by your embassy.

Online Wedding in the UAE requirements

According to authorities, more than 1,480 marriages were recorded in the UAE between May and August of this year. Due to Covid-19-triggered restrictions, around half of the couples married remotely. The Khaleej times quoted that; over 715 couples tied the knot online over the past 4 months.

  • Couples planning to marry can use the service by going to on the ministry’s website.
  • To enter the essential data and register for the marriage service, they must select the e-services option.
  • Residents can then choose a date for an online wedding ceremony through the programme.

While this might seem like the easier way out; there are still some hidden challenges such as expats marrying from different religions or nationality. Plus getting the respective paperwork from your hometown might interfere with the time it would take for you to get married.

Final Verdict on getting married in Tbilisi Georgia Vs Online Wedding in UAE

All we can say is that your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s also crucial that you choose the right platform to consolidate your marriage and make your big day memorable for you and your partner.

If you are contemplating between getting married in Tbilisi Georgia Vs an Online Wedding; we would suggest booking a consultation with us and understand what’s the best suitable option for you two.

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