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Online Nikah marriage

From AED 1,550 – USD 420

The easiest option for muslim couples

These packages are tailored for people living in the UAE, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait.

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Before the wedding

✔️ Full Wedding consultation

Need to talk to our experts? Our team will make sure you have an answer to all your questions!

✔️ Full wedding planner support

Our wedding planner experts will be with you from day 1 to help you go through all the steps and make sure your wedding happens the way you want it to!

During the ceremony

✔️ Zoom ceremony

Based on the selected countries (not all of them offer this option), the ceremony will be organized by an official representant of the country through zoom. You can also invite friends & family to join.

✔️ Witnesses
No need to worry about anything, our team will help you get Muslim witnesses to be with you!
✔️ Imam
Based on your specific situation, the ceremony will be conducted by a specific qualified Imam.
✔️ Wedding fees
Included in your packages are all the costs related to the wedding.

After your marriage

✔️ Documents shipping

Our team will handle locally all the steps. Once done we work with the main courier providers to make sure that your documents will be delivered to you no time. 

✔️ Married or refunded

We try our best to help every couple. But sometimes life has its own way. If for some reason we are not able to help you get legally married, you are entitled to a 100% refund.

✔️ After wedding support

Laws and regulations tend to change quite often. The document that was perfectly valid just yesterday, may require a new stamp tomorrow. But you don’t need to worry about it. Our team provides all the support to help you keep up with the changing world.

➕ GCC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stamp

The very last step to make your wedding certificate 100% legal and valid in the GCC is to get the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp in the respective country. This last step can be added to support you from A to Z.

➕ Translation & Notarization
Your wedding is a reglious act, you can decide to get it translated and notarized to use it wherever you live.
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Who is this package made for?

Our Online civil marriage contract package is tailored for difficult cases and for couples not able to travel.

If you face a situation where you can’t get married in the country of your current residence and you can’t travel due to the borders closure or personal reasons but you need a wedding certificate, we found a way for you. This concerns a lot of couples where one lives in the GCC.

The process is not simple and takes a few weeks because it involves a lot of legal work. It is worth it if you have already exhausted all the other options and need a solution. 

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Most common questions
Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

If you are from GCC and want to get married then you would already know that it can be a very overwhelming task. The requirements in GCC can be very long and complicated depending upon your unique situation. That’s where the online and Georgia marriage for GCC residents comes into play.

Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents

If you are in a hurry and want to get married as soon as possible then getting married in Georgia is your best choice. Moreover, if you are restricted because of COVID-19 and can’t travel then consider an online wedding. You won’t need to travel because our proxy wedding services have got you covered.

The wedding process in Georgia is simple. The criteria to marry in Georgia are also simple. It’s one of the main reasons Georgia is regarded as one of the best places for GCC residents to be married.

Easy Wedding Process

You can fly from the GCC to this country in three hours. The best thing about this country for GCC citizens is that most people can visit without a visa. Furthermore, whether you and your partner are of different nationalities or religions, you can easily marry here. After getting married in Georgia, you will receive the apostille wedding certificate. This certificate is recognized as a legal document in hundreds of different countries. The cost of your wedding here is also less than what you would pay for an embassy wedding.

On the other hand, you’ll need to inform us about your situation if you want to opt for an online wedding service. With the power of attorney, we’ll provide you with your wedding certificate without even your physical presence.

Final Words on Online and Georgia Marriage for GCC Residents in 2021

Sometimes you need to get the wedding certificate within days, and there is no better option than Georgia marriage for GCC residents in such situations.

If you know someone who is in the same situation, then provide them with these solutions to help them.

Documents to get married in the Abu Dhabi Court vs the Online requirements

Abu Dhabi has seen a rise in the number of couples who choose the destination for marriage. To hold a successful marriage there, documentation is important. In fact, all institutions that conduct marriage need this condition to be met. For this reason, couples who want to marry in the UAE must know the documents to get married in the Abu Dhabi court.

Marriage in Abu Dhabi and the Online path is simple and the documents are not far-fetched. Since documentation is an important step in the marriage process, this article will mention the specific documents that are required for the two marriage routes.

Documents for marriage in Abu Dhabi

Civil marriages in Abu Dhabi hold at the Civil Family Court located in the main building of the Abu Dhabi Justice Department. When coming for their marriage ceremony, couples are expected to arrive with the following:

  • Their individual passports.
  • Emirates ID if they live in any of the emirates.
  • COVID test results.
  • Death/Divorce certificates that prove the annulment of a former marital union.

Couples should not have a hard time putting these documents that are required to get married in the Abu Dhabi court together. To also prevent any problems during the process, the couple must accept the marriage alliance and have witnesses. They should also not be related by blood. All of the steps can be finished within a maximum of two weeks.

The Utah Online marriage through remote appearances is another way to marry. One outstanding feature of this marriage path is that couples do not need a premarital clinical test.

Which should couples choose between a wedding in Abu Dhabi and Online?

A wedding in Abu Dhabi requires the physical presence of the couple for many of the processes. However, Online marriage is done through remote technologies and the couple can save time and effort. Online marriage gives all the benefits of a physical marriage with even lesser exertion.

Couples who decide to have an online marriage will be saving themselves a lot of energy. In a week, they can finalize their affair and become officially recognized as husband and wife.

If you believe that an online marriage serves your needs, arrange a consultation with our team of wedding experts. They have the blueprint and guide for a hitch-free online marriage.

How to marry in Seychelles without traveling

Seychelles is one of the most romantic spots on the planet for your dream wedding. There are hundreds of islands in the centre of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, with stunning backdrops for your wedding.

However, Covid-19 made it tough, and it is now nearly difficult to travel and marry in the Seychelles with changing rules. Governments, on the other hand, are urged to be married online from anywhere in the world. Now, you can get married wherever you want, whenever you want, as long as you have all of the appropriate documents and approvals from the registrar.

You can have your wedding ceremony on any platform you want, and keep reading this post. Learn more about online weddings/marrying without having to travel to Seychelles.

What platform can you use to be married without having to travel?

Many governments are encouraging people to marry online using services such as Zoom, Skype, and others. However, simply getting married online and celebrating with your loved ones will not provide any legal value.

There are certain legal and documentation processes must be completed offline. So it is recommended that you seek the assistance of professional experts/wedding planners or lawyers. You should also be aware that this will not be inexpensive. It’s always advisable to do your research and find the best and most affordable professionals for your dream wedding.

Cost of marrying in Seychelles

It is possible that getting married online/without flying to the Seychelles will be more expensive or less expensive, depending on your budget and wedding.

However, the internet wedding is unquestionably less expensive than a destination wedding. Due to the costs of venues, flights, lodging, and other fees; it not only saves you money on a wedding. On the other hand however; it also saves you the trouble of travelling during the pandemic.

This case, however, would be determined by where you are from. Because of all the legal procedures, charges, specialists, and professionals, even if you wanted to get married online without flying to Seychelles, this would be a costly process for you.

Final word on ! If Seychelles; is it better to have an online wedding or a legal wedding?

Let’s just say it all depends on how you see things. However, in light of your great dream wedding and the current global pandemic crisis, it is recommended that you marry without moving from your preferred location with all of your loved ones!

If you are contemplating between a legal wedding in Seychelles or an online wedding; speak to our team of expert to help you make your decision.

How to get married if you are Christian and Muslim?
Culture and traditions are what defines most countries. It’s what makes them unique. The advancement of technology has led to having said culture and traditions meet and experience each other. This has led to people from all over the world interacting with one another and in some cases fall in love. However, even love has been defined by the traditions in countries such as religion. So what can you do if you have met someone with a different faith and want to marry?
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