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Online wedding and easy wedding Dubai- A comparison of the two options

Online wedding and easy wedding Dubai – A comparison of the two options

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Many people go to Dubai for a number of reasons which include education, business, and tourism. Some others want an easy wedding in Dubai or a permanent relocation. This is not surprising because the economy of Dubai has experienced a boom in recent years.

Despite all of these, marriage which is an important milestone might not be so easy for non-Muslims. The reason can be linked to the fact that Dubai is Islamic territory. So it conducts its affairs in line with Sharia law. This post will now consider the option of an easy wedding in Dubai versus an Online wedding.

Conditions for marriage in Dubai

A wedding officer conducts marriages in the Dubai court or Al Adheed center. Also, the bride should give her approval before the marriage commences. This is a very vital requirement for marriage.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, two male witnesses and the bride’s father should be present at the courthouse. Under the provisions of the Dubai marriage law, the legal age for marriage is 18 and at least one of the parties should reside in the emirate. Furthermore, none of the persons getting married should be twice the age of the other.

Documents required for the wedding

After meeting all of these conditions, the couple should present the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Emirate ID(s)
  • Birth certificates
  • Evidence of annulling a previous marriage
  • Death certificate of a former partner

The above are the requirements for a Muslim-Muslim marriage in Dubai. An Online wedding is easier because the presence of the couple is not required for a significant part of the process. But the couple should submit the PDF forms of the documents listed above at the Interactive Case Registration section of the Dubai courts marriage website.

Concluding the comparison between the Online and easy wedding Dubai options

Dubai is great for many reasons but it is clear that non-Muslims might find it a bit hard to marry there. That said, expats can ease the process by opting for an Online wedding. A digital certificate is obtained after the couple completes the process. On request, the couple can also have a physical copy of their certificate.

The certificate gotten from an online wedding is as valid as the one obtained from other forms of marriage. This type of marriage saves time and stress. Couples will be happy to have this easy route for marriage.

If you or a friend wish to explore the online method of marriage, you can get more details from an experienced expert. Our wedding agency has a responsive team that can cater to your needs. Book a consultation with them for more information.

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