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how to get married in Georgia for gcc residents

How to get married in Georgia without a ceremony if you live in the GCC countries

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One of the many depressing side effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that the wedding season in 2020 and 2021 looks a lot different from the previous years.

Unfortunately, many couples in the GCC countries and around the world have been unable to enjoy the wedding ceremonies and celebrations of their dreams, but there are still methods for people to marry.


Marriage in Georgia is far more easier than more GCC countries that makes this country a perfect spot for any wedding. The process of getting married was fast and quick with the least number of documentation and would only require couples to visit the department of Public Service Hall to sign their certificate. You can find out about how to get married in Georgia when you live in the GCC here.

However due to the ongoing situation, some of the procedures for registering a marriage have changed. Couples before visiting the department of Public Service Hall in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, or Batumi, interested couples should make an appointment which has increased the wait time for most couples looking for a fast marriage.


Although countries are constantly rebating about weddings; most countries are allowing weddings to take place in smaller affairs. Recently even Georgia is on the red list which means travel regulations have also been tightened.

Although Georgia had opened its border with the recent changes that might be a lot of uncertainties. Couples from specified countries are permitted to enter Georgia’s territory without being subjected to mandatory quarantine.

This is why we would suggest most GCC residents who wish to marry in Georgia to get married online which would save the cost on the ceremony.

If you know of anyone struggling to get married during these certain times; let us know and we could help them getting married online without a lot of hassle.

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