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Metaverse Online Wedding

3000 AED / 820 USD
Metaverse Wedding Package

This wedding package includes all you need to have your wedding ceremony live in the Metaverse. 
✔️ Included | 🎁 Extra

The ceremony

✔️ Wedding Chappel

Get your wedding organized in the first online chappel of its own.

✔️ Celebrants

Get our profesionnal celebrants to virtually join you to animate the ceremony.

✔️ Technical Support

Our team will make the needful to get you and your guest connected to the event.

✔️ Photos & Videos

Let our team handle for you the photos and videos of your virtual wedding.

Wedding NFT

✔️ Wedding Invitation NFT

Our team will customize your wedding invitations and provide you with the right NFT powered by Ethereum

✔️ Wedding Photo NFT

Let’s our team convert your photo into a unique NFT for ever live on the blockchain.

✔️ NFT Jewellery

Let’s customize your dream rings and make sure to keep it with you forever.

✔️ NFT proposal

Let our team customizes your proposal and make it unique & alive in the blockchain.

Wedding Legalization

🎁 Online zoom ceremony

Move your wedding back to the real you and be ready to tie the knot.

🎁 Legal consulting

Let us help you understand what will be the legal process to get your wedding valide in the real world.

🎁 Legal Certification

Let our team handle the lega registration of your wedding.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Metaverse online wedding package is made for people looking for a fantastic experience for their wedding. 

It will be live in Decentraland, broadcasted to your friends & family and saved in the blockchain forever.  your wedding will be taken to new highs.

How Metaverse weddng look like

Not sure about the Metaverse? Let’s talk to our team to make your event happens!

Most common questions
Can you married online Canada?

Given the ongoing pandemic, online marriages is grown in popularity and legalized in several nations. Many couples who are unable to travel during these uncertain times opted to marry online and formalize their relationship.

However Canada in particular does not accept online weddings. So, if you are looking to get migrate to Canada in the near future or sponsor your spouse; getting married online might not be the best option. Read this article to find out more.

Why doesn’t Canada recognize online marriages?

Prior to 2015, marriages performed online in which one or both parties were not physically present were accepted for immigration reasons in Canada. The only requirement was that the marriage had to be legally recognized in the country where it took place.

However the Canadian government no longer recognizes the same. The decision to prohibit online marriage was made mainly to address women’s vulnerability in the immigration situation.

“Because one or both spouses are not physically present, it is more difficult to determine whether they consent to the marriage.”

Government of Canada, 2020

Exceptions to an online wedding

The Canadian government has made certain exceptions in accepting online marriages.

  • If you were legally married in a virtual setting prior to June 11, 2015
  • If you are part of the Canadian Armed Forces and meet certain criteria

Couples who do not meet the criteria above; will not be able to justify their online wedding as per the Canadian law.

In conclusion to getting married online Canada and best recommendations

To sum up, Canada does not consider an online marriage to be valid. However; if you are looking to sponsor your partner; the choices are quite limited. The best way to sponsor your partner, is to provide a legal marriage certificate.

Many countries such as Georgia, Seychelles or even UAE (for Non Muslims) offer easy wedding solutions. The documentation in these countries is relatively lesser; and its much better suited for foreigners looking to get married fast and hassle-free.

Looking to move, sponsor your partner to Canada after your wedding; book a call with our team to find out more on the legalities.

Big Fat wedding in Dubai Vs a low key online wedding

People from various places across the globe usually ask “Can tourists Get Married in Dubai ” and ‘Are online marriages possible’. And the answer to both is ‘Yes’ however they as the title they are very different from one another.

In this blog, we will do a comparison between how to have a big fat wedding in Dubai Vs choosing something more intimate and personal like an online wedding.

How to Get Married in Dubai the lavish way for tourists.

One of the most famous tourist destinations globally, Dubai is famous for its luxurious life, beautiful skyscrapers, and shopping. Also, people seeking destination weddings choose Dubai for an extravaganza experience. 

Choose a Wedding Planner in Dubai:

 You have planned to get married and finalized Dubai as a wedding destination. However, handling the local affair, language barrier, government documents preparation, and other things are robust affairs. You need a local to help you, especially in marriage offices in Dubai. Who is better than a local wedding planner in Dubai who can handle all this stuff for you easily?

 Check the availability of the hotels:

Dubai is a happening country with tourists swarming for all the good reasons. If you have not fixed the venue and hotel, you will be in trouble. Before finalizing the venue, do research well. Check prices, amenities available, and dates before finalizing anything.

Dive into the Middle Eastern culture:

Dubai has a flourishing and beautiful culture. If you are in Dubai for a wedding, follow their tradition and culture. Apart from a full package of wedding venues, you also need a local shopping guide. Buy the traditional outfits and pieces of jeweler. Make your wedding a cherished affair for your friends and family.

Legal documents and paperwork

It is important to note that getting married for the legalization is not the easiest. However if its only the ceremonial wedding you are looking at; Dubai is just absolutely perfect.

Why choose an online wedding

Not every couple is a big fan of getting married in a big way. If a simple low key wedding is your jam, then an online wedding is all you need. An online wedding is more personal where couples decides to have their few chosen ones to be a part of their special day.

Moreover; if you and your partner belong to different nationalities, religions, or are currently living in different countries and travel is not an option right now then an online wedding is ideal.

Nevertheless, your wedding is an excellent phase of your life. Make it special in Dubai either lavishly or in a low key way. Book a call with our team to find out what would work best for you.

How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court – Useful tips for expats

While many prefer online marriage for its ease, others believe that a physical wedding will serve them more. Abu Dhabi has risen in the ranks of the most sought-after cities for celebrations like weddings. This city is renowned for the safety it offers its residents and the amazing infrastructure are wonders to behold. So, many want to know how they can get married in the Abu Dhabi court.

Given the high level of organization by the government, it is very important that couples who want to marry in Abu Dhabi take out the time to learn about the standards for marriage. This article is aimed at helping couples have an insight into the requirements for marriage in Abu Dhabi.

Legal documents for a wedding in Abu Dhabi

When couples settle on the idea of marriage in Dubai, the next thing to do will be to note the necessary legal papers. The following documents are deemed to be very necessary for a civil marriage ceremony in Abu Dhabi:

  • The passport copies of the couple
  • Emirates ID if they live in any of the emirates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death or divorce certificates from former marriages
  • Completed marriage application forms

Civil marriage in Abu Dhabi is not like a religious marriage where the couple is required to conduct a medical screening test or even get the approval of her father before the marriage. So tourists who do not have family around now know how to get married in Abu Dhabi.

A marriage in Abu Dhabi vs Online marriage formalization

Online marriage serves its purpose for couples who prefer the option and marriage in Abu Dhabi cannot also be regarded as strenuous. If the couple gets their documents right, the marriage officials will be able to process the entire steps. However, online marriage via remote appearances offers couples the freedom to plan their wedding from any part of the world.

As listed above, the documents for marriage in Abu Dhabi are easy to get. As a matter of fact, the couple might have many of these before their marriage date. So, after they submit these to the court, they can expect to have their certificates in a day or two. Online marriage via remote appearances is also a reasonable option.

If an online wedding will be most memorable for you, consider booking a discussion with our team of wedding experts. They have the necessary blueprints that will guarantee the best results.

You Can Now Travel to Georgia from Oman to Get Married

Getting married online is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to start living with your better half. You can acquire these services right away. But if it’s not possible for you then today we’re going to share the wonderful news with you especially if you’re from or living in Oman. Georgia has recently opened its land, sea, and air borders for many countries including Oman. So, if you want to get married as soon as possible then pack your bags and grab your Georgia visa. But before you do that, we recommend you read this article very carefully. That’s because it contains all the important information that you need to know about your Travel to Georgia from Oman to Get Married. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Travel Requirements If You’re Vaccinated

If you are a citizen or resident of Oman then you can now Travel to Georgia from Oman to Get Married if you have been vaccinated fully against COVID-19. You must, however, comply with the following conditions:

  • You will have to submit the whole course of the COVID-19 vaccine with your vaccination certificate issued from a credible and recognized supplier.
  • Pre-registration is not necessary
  • You will not need to undertake any PCR test
  • If you have traveled to India in the previous 14 days then you might need to follow additional restrictions.

Travel Requirements If You’re Not Vaccinated

Even if you have not yet been vaccinated, you may still travel to Georgia from Oman. However, you must meet the following requirements in order to do this.

  • Direct flights to Georgia from Oman are mandatory, which also include transit flights from third countries.
  • On the third day after you arrive in Georgia, you will have to obtain a new PCR test and you will be responsible for the expenses.
  • A PCR test COVID-19 showing negative results is necessary. Moreover, in the last 72 hours of the trip to Georgia, the test must be carried out.
  • You would have to fill out a special form to submit your travel history for the past 14 days. Moreover, you’ll also need to give your email, telephone number, address, etc.
  • If you have come to India for the last fourteen days, after your entry to Georgia, you will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.
  • The certificate PCR test shall not apply to children less than ten years of age.

Verdict on You Can Now Travel to Georgia from Oman to Get Married

You can get married in Georgia today if you are from or reside in Oman. This news is published on the official website of the Government of Georgia. The conditions specified must only be taken into account in order to avoid all unwanted events.

If you know someone from Oman who wants to have a destination wedding in Georgia then share this information with them.

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