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When distance does not matter

Metaverse Online Wedding

3000 AED / 820 USD
Metaverse Wedding Package

This wedding package includes all you need to have your wedding ceremony live in the Metaverse. 
✔️ Included | 🎁 Extra

The ceremony

✔️ Wedding Chappel

Get your wedding organized in the first online chappel of its own.

✔️ Celebrants

Get our profesionnal celebrants to virtually join you to animate the ceremony.

✔️ Technical Support

Our team will make the needful to get you and your guest connected to the event.

✔️ Photos & Videos

Let our team handle for you the photos and videos of your virtual wedding.

Wedding NFT

✔️ Wedding Invitation NFT

Our team will customize your wedding invitations and provide you with the right NFT powered by Ethereum

✔️ Wedding Photo NFT

Let’s our team convert your photo into a unique NFT for ever live on the blockchain.

✔️ NFT Jewellery

Let’s customize your dream rings and make sure to keep it with you forever.

✔️ NFT proposal

Let our team customizes your proposal and make it unique & alive in the blockchain.

Wedding Legalization

🎁 Online zoom ceremony

Move your wedding back to the real you and be ready to tie the knot.

🎁 Legal consulting

Let us help you understand what will be the legal process to get your wedding valide in the real world.

🎁 Legal Certification

Let our team handle the lega registration of your wedding.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Metaverse online wedding package is made for people looking for a fantastic experience for their wedding. 

It will be live in Decentraland, broadcasted to your friends & family and saved in the blockchain forever.  your wedding will be taken to new highs.

How Metaverse weddng look like

Not sure about the Metaverse? Let’s talk to our team to make your event happens!

Most common questions
Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention -The meaning for expat couples

In the GCC countries, many expats wish to marry online because they believe the physical process is complex. However, these expats might change their minds if they see a country with easy marriage laws. Nations like these help couples save their time and effort.

Some months ago, Saudi Arabia joined the HCCH Apostille convention. This article will explain what this means and its possible benefits for couples.

What does Saudi Arabia’s joining the HCCH Apostille convention mean?

Before the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joined the apostille convention, people had to re-validate the documents they got, even from Apostille nations. This meant two times verification that required time and some fees to complete.

Under the new order, Saudi Arabia now approves foreign public documents that bear the Apostille stamp without a second need for verification. This accession was made on 8th April 2022.

Conclusion on the subject of the Saudi Apostille convention

Although the nation will have to wait till December 7, 2022, to enforce the new law, the idea is one that is worth commending. This new law means that there will be an increased flow of legal documents in the country.

Since this agreement is yet to be fully enacted, we do not know what it means for couples who marry in Apostille nations outside Saudi. Updates will be provided when new pieces of information come up.

If you want to know more about the Online wedding as a GCC expat, speak to our wedding experts today.

Best Price for Legal Wedding: Dubai vs Online Wedding

Because of the opportunities and the lifestyle that Dubai has to offer, many people come here to make their living. Undoubtedly the life standard here is very good and there are endless opportunities to grow, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and rainbows. There are complicated situations as well where you can’t seem to find any better or a good solution. Getting married is one of those complicated situations because of the long list of requirements and expenses. Keep on reading to find out if it’s the right place for your wedding with its legal wedding cost.

Cost to Complete the Legal Wedding Process in Dubai!

If you already know all the legal requirements to get married in Dubai, then make sure that you know the following expenses on those requirements.

The acquisition of a premarital medical screening certificate can cost you from AED 250 to AED 900 depending upon your choice of the medical center.

The Dubai Court that carries out your wedding process has a fee of up to AED 1800.

As mentioned in the legal requirements, you will have to get some documents attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attestation process will cost you AED 160.

Other than that, if you want to get your marriage legalized in your home country (That you will have to sooner or later, so, getting it done right away is recommended) you’ll have to check that fee from your consulate. That’s because it varies from country to country depending upon the nature of the process. However, every stamp in your home country can be around 45 US dollars.

Final Word on Best Price for Legal Wedding: Dubai vs Online Wedding 

These are some of the basic expenses that you will have to spend on the basic legal processes. Keep in mind that the venue, dressing, reception, etcetera can cost you an astronomical amount of money. Online wedding is not really a cheap way to get married either. But just think of it. Instead of running around with dozens of documents for months you can sit back and relax while our lawyers are getting you married in about 3 weeks.

Share this information with the people you know who are planning to get married and living in Dubai.

Plan your snow wedding in Georgia

Is there a more love-filled season to get married than the winter? Even on the coldest days, these winter wedding touches, like Christmas music and winter blooms, may add warmth and charm. A snowy wedding offers a number of benefits. Though there are a few disadvantages to consider, summer weddings are unquestionably gorgeous. In the sweltering heat, a bride’s perfectly coiffed bridal hair could devolve into a steaming disaster. By opting for a snow wedding in Georgia, you may avoid that while still enjoying lovely snowy wedding photos, holiday-themed wedding décor, and more. A perfect snowy wedding in Georgia is unquestionably necessary. 

Your snow wedding venues in Georgia


Georgia’s largest and most modern ski resort, and it is situated at a height of 2250 m. There are countless opportunities for freeride and backcountry skiing (ski touring). The resort is located in the Caucasus Mountains at the highest point of the Georgian Military Highway. Mountain lovers from all over the world travel to Gudauri. Snow enthusiasts will enjoy the abundance of common snow on the crests separating Europe from Asia. Anywhere makes a terrific location for photo shoots, including in valleys and mountains. Gudauri provides a range of options for dedicated couples.


The most well-known peak in Georgia, Mount Kazbek, is located in Kazbegi. The Kazbegi Mountain sometimes referred to as Mkinvartsveri, is Georgia’s third-highest mountain and is covered with several religious stories. You can see the lovely mountains from wherever in the town because of its stunning location in such an interesting landscape. The daylong blanket of clouds that covers Kazbek might completely obstruct the peak. Visit Kazbegi if you like mountaineering and ice climbing. Mountain ranges, cliffs, waterfalls, and alpine lakes are frequently visited by tourists, residents, and mountain sports enthusiasts. Especially in the more tourist-friendly alpine areas, every hamlet you visit in Georgia will offer a large range of guest houses. The majestic silhouette of Gergeti’s Trinity Church completes a stunning view of the mountain.

Your perfect snow wedding 

We may work with you to plan your celebration in a contemporary setting with a magnificent perspective and cultural awareness if you want a fantasy wedding that appears to have come straight out of a dream. Customers can choose from a variety of services that the Easy Wedding team offers. They are perfect if you want to have the wedding of your dreams on a limited budget. You can organize anything with our help, from a simple paper wedding to a destination wedding. Our crew will take care of every small detail throughout the ceremony so you may bask in the romance of your special snowy wedding day. We’ve got everything covered, from the stunning wedding arch to the incredible décor.


Many GCC expats opt for an online wedding due to the complicated legal marriage process in GCC countries, but this does not mean you have to give up on your ideal wedding party. You can begin planning your snowy wedding in Georgia’s snow-capped mountains. Preparations can begin, soon after your paperwork has been authorized. If you’re seeking for a unique location to tie the knot, consider a destination wedding. Georgia is a fantastic choice for a destination wedding venue because of its breathtaking natural settings and pleasantly affordable packages.

Contact a member of our staff right away for additional details on snow wedding in Georgia!

What documents I need to get a baby passport in UAE

With the law changing in UAE since 2020, getting pregnant outside of wedlock is no longer punishable. However, submitting the marriage certificate is necessary before issuing the official documents for a baby. Let’s dive into this article and learn how to tackle this crucial situation and what options you have.

General Documents required for Newborn’s passport: 

Obtaining an attested birth certificate enables you to apply for a passport for your child. A visa application must be submitted to the UAE embassy or consulate by expatriate residents. 

The following documents are normally required:

1. Passports of both parents, original and copy.

2. Newborn’s passport-sized photo.

3. Certificate of marriage attested by an official.

4. Birth certificate with an attestation.

5. Both parents must have valid Emirates IDs.

In order to ensure that all your documents are in order, it is advised to contact your country’s embassy.

Online wedding without traveling

Women expecting a baby have amply of options of getting married within the UAE or even choosing to get married online. In recent times, many GCC residents have opted to marry in Abu Dhabi after the announcement on the new civil wedding court that allows couples to marry irrespective of their nationality.

However; with the growing popularity of the court one might find the dates of their choice. if you are looking to marry as soon as possible and online wedding can take place within the comfort of your house.

Words of Advice on looking for the best route to get the baby’s passport:

Whenever married or single women have the news of pregnancy, they feel enthralled from inside. Although, marriage is necessary for the upbringing of your baby under the shelter of both parents’ love. In some situations, the partners are quite far from each other, opting for an online wedding is the best and most budget-friendly choice in this situation. After receiving the marriage certificate, you can register the baby’s birth certificate and passport in UAE.

Schedule an appointment with our highly trained team and they will give you the best alternatives for your wedding issues!

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