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Metaverse Online Wedding

3000 AED / 820 USD
Metaverse Wedding Package

This wedding package includes all you need to have your wedding ceremony live in the Metaverse. 
✔️ Included | 🎁 Extra

The ceremony

✔️ Wedding Chappel

Get your wedding organized in the first online chappel of its own.

✔️ Celebrants

Get our profesionnal celebrants to virtually join you to animate the ceremony.

✔️ Technical Support

Our team will make the needful to get you and your guest connected to the event.

✔️ Photos & Videos

Let our team handle for you the photos and videos of your virtual wedding.

Wedding NFT

✔️ Wedding Invitation NFT

Our team will customize your wedding invitations and provide you with the right NFT powered by Ethereum

✔️ Wedding Photo NFT

Let’s our team convert your photo into a unique NFT for ever live on the blockchain.

✔️ NFT Jewellery

Let’s customize your dream rings and make sure to keep it with you forever.

✔️ NFT proposal

Let our team customizes your proposal and make it unique & alive in the blockchain.

Wedding Legalization

🎁 Online zoom ceremony

Move your wedding back to the real you and be ready to tie the knot.

🎁 Legal consulting

Let us help you understand what will be the legal process to get your wedding valide in the real world.

🎁 Legal Certification

Let our team handle the lega registration of your wedding.

what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Metaverse online wedding package is made for people looking for a fantastic experience for their wedding. 

It will be live in Decentraland, broadcasted to your friends & family and saved in the blockchain forever.  your wedding will be taken to new highs.

How Metaverse weddng look like

Not sure about the Metaverse? Let’s talk to our team to make your event happens!

Most common questions
Is marrying online the best option for getting married for the UAE residents during COVID?

Is marrying online the best option for getting married for the UAE residents during COVID?

The major part of the software industry has shifted to work remotely. Moreover, schools, colleges, and even universities are conducting lectures and classes online because of the COVID-19. So, why not get married online. Yes, you heard it right, it’s quite possible and many people around the world are opting for that. Keep on reading because this article contains some of the best options along with an online one that might suit you. So, let’s jump into it.  

Get Married in Dubai During COVID, Online Through Power of Attorney!

As mentioned, getting married online is actually possible just like other things. But you have to keep in mind that it’s a costly and complicated procedure. You can make it easy by opting for our lawyers that will do all the heavy liftings for you. You’ll be thoroughly guided upon each step which makes it the best option if you cannot spare much time.

Choosing Dubai or UAE Court

You can also opt for getting married in Dubai or UAE court if you can afford it and can wait for a little long time. That’s because it’s a pricey and long process that requires a lot of paperwork and prerequisites. But it’s the best option for you if you want to get married while continuing with your daily life routine.

Traveling to Seychelles for Dream Wedding

If you want to get married in an astonishing place with dream backdrops then you should opt for getting married in Seychelles. It might be a little expensive and you will also have to spend a five-day isolation period within the hotel territory after landing in Seychelles. But it’s still worth it because of the atmosphere it has to offer.

Selecting Georgia as Your Wedding Destination!

If you are living in Dubai and are on a budget then getting married in Georgia is your best choice. It’s undoubtedly one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get married. But you’ll need to wait for a little time because the Georgian borders are currently closed because of the COVID-19. They are expected to open in February 2021.

Wrapping Up Getting Married in Dubai While COVID-19 is Still Out there!

These are some of the best options that you can have to get married if you are living in Dubai. You can opt for the method that suits the best with your routine and needs.

If you want to get married through any of the methods mentioned above then let us know by commenting down below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Choosing your Abu Dhabi marriage packages Vs an online wedding

Since the beginning of the pandemic, online weddings have become extremely popular. The best part; people can marry from any corner of the world breaking all barriers possible.

However; with the new UAE law which permits non- Muslims and foreign expats to marry in a civil court, many GCC expats are considering getting married in Abu Dhabi instead. The new law, the UAE is encouraging marriages between non- Muslims and foreign expats in Abu Dhabi, and this article will help you get the best marriage package in Abu Dhabi.

About the New Marriage Law in Abu Dhabi

Before the new marriage law was introduced, non- Muslims and foreigners who wished to get married, had to get married either in the embassy of their respective countries or in presence of some special government employees. But with the new marriage law introduced by the UAE in Abu Dhabi, foreigners and non- Muslims can now get married in any civil court in Abu Dhabi. This has given many couples who wish to begin their marriage in the beautiful UAE a fresh boost.

Best Marriage Packages In Abu Dhabi

Despite the new marriage law introduced by the UAE for non- Muslims and expats, marrying in the UAE may not sound so easy. To simplify things for you, Easy Weddings is providing the best marriage packages in Abu Dhabi.

Easy weddings will do all the necessary documentation and paperwork necessary for expats and non-Muslims to get married in a civil court in Abu Dhabi. Easy Weddings will also provide various marriage packages depending upon the need of the customer. Some of the wedding packages in Abu Dhabi offered by Easy Weddings are:

  • Dream Wedding packages: These are for those who have always wished and planned a wedding of their dreams since childhood. Every choice of the customer will be taken care of by Easy Weddings in the Dream Wedding package.
  • Paperwork Wedding packages: Getting married in a different country may require lots of paper work. Why don’t you let Was Wedding handle the paperwork for you while you enjoy your wedding.
  • Religious Wedding packages: For those who wish to get married according to their rituals, Easy Weddings is the best place. We will make sure that all your religious customs and rituals are fully satisfied.

In conclusion to your Abu Dhabi marriage package Vs an online wedding

The process of getting married online is rather simple. However; you will still have to go through paperwork registrations and a few other hurdles in order to be legally married in your own country.

Whilst, Abu Dhabi is fast emerging as a wedding hotspot for tourists and expats. With lenient marriage laws and beautiful tourists sites, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for you to begin your married life.

Whether you choose to have an online marriage or pick one of our Abu Dhabi marriage packages; the team can guide you in the right direction.

Getting Married Online, Free (Is a Myth)

Many people come to Dubai to make a living because of the chances and lifestyle it provides. The standard of living is unquestionably high, and there are numerous prospects for advancement, but this does not imply that everything is perfect.

There are also tricky instances where you can’t seem to come up with a better or satisfactory solution. Because of the large list of obligations and expenses, getting married is one of those complicated situations. Continue reading to see how getting married online for free is a myth and how much would a legal wedding cost.

Cost of Online Wedding in Dubai

Just like there’s no free food in the world; and one must work for it. Similarly; those who said getting married online free is a possibility definitely has been living in a bubble. Let’s just say; getting married online could possibly cost the same as compared to a legal wedding because of the time with the legal experts, lawyers and embassy that would be involved.

However; with that said; you would be saving up on the venue, attire, reception, and so on can all add up to a large sum of money. And instead of spending months juggling dozens of forms, you can sit back and relax while our lawyers get you married in roughly three weeks.

Legal Wedding Bare Minimum Price

If you already know all of the legal requirements for getting married in Dubai, make sure you’re aware of the following costs.

  1. A premarital medical screening certificate might cost anywhere between AED 250 and AED 900, depending on the medical centre you choose.
  2. A fee of up to AED 1800 is charged by the Dubai Court that oversees your wedding proceedings.
  3. You will need to have some documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as stated in the legislative criteria. The attestation will set you back AED 160.
  4. Aside from that, you’ll need to check with your consulate about the charge for having your marriage legalised in your home country (which you’ll have to do sooner or later, so getting it done right away is suggested). This is because, depending on the nature of the process, it differs from country to country. In your native country, however, each stamp can cost up to 45 dollars.

Online Vs Legal Wedding: Your final pick

In the wake of the pandemic; many couples that live in GCC countries have struggled to travel back and getting married in their home country. Getting married online has the advantage of being able to take place anywhere; whether it’s at your home or somewhere special to you.

Share this article with someone whose contemplating between a legal wedding or a online wedding.

Can you have a baby in Dubai outside a wedlock?

The answer is: having a baby outside a wedlock is now no longer a taboo.


Until recent times, having a child outside a wedlock was considered to be illegal and individual could be sentenced to some serious consequences.

Previous laws of Nov 2020, loosening the restriction on consumption of alcohol and allowing unmarried couples to cohabitate despite being an Islamic country. The reason for this big change is to lend a secure and safe environment for expats who live in the UAE, adapt to their sense of personal freedom and come to an understanding that individuals have very different cultural values.

Dubai for a long time is known to be the hub for western businessmen, working professionals and tourists who were quite outraged with the rising number of court cases leading to an outrage in their home countries against family laws that were previously criminalized individuals.


According to times.co.uk, the minister of presidential affairs, Mr. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed who is also the Deputy Minister signed the legal order.

The legal order is now states that all unmarried couples that are expecting a child need not leave the UAE but can apply for the birth certificate of their babies. A marital certificate will no longer be needed for that either. The new laws also allows kids to have education and healthcare services like any other child being born in the UAE.

Basically, the act of consensual sex or pregnancy out of wedlock is no longer a crime as per the amended law and according to Federal Decree 15 of 2020

Lovin Dubai, 2020


While the new legal order has definitely transformed for the better; abortion or homosexuality are certainly not allowed. With the increasing number of expats living in the UAE, the new law is only to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for unmarried couples in UAE who wish to have babies without wedlock.

Presently the unmarried ladies living in the UAE can likewise get pregnant. and to add to it, it’s not the legitimate prerequisite to have a conjugal endorsement to apply for the birth testament of any child who is conceived illegitimately.


Officials have expressed that these new laws and changes are to ensure that UAE offers a serene and liberal climate to a wide range of ex-pats. In addition to the fact that it is the necessity of the changing times to ensure ex-pats that live in the UAE spend their lives peacefully and focus on what matters to them the most.

“I could not be happier for these new laws that are progressive and proactive,” said Emirati filmmaker Abdallah Al Kaabi, whose art has tackled taboo topics like homosexual love and gender identity.

2020 has been a tough and transformative year for the UAE,” he added.

New Indian Express, 2020

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