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Women Don’t Need to Flee UAE Now Who Get Pregnant Without Wedlock

Women Don’t Need to Flee UAE Now Who Get Pregnant Without Wedlock

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Previous Rules for Unmarried Pregnant Women

Due to the recent publication in the concerning pregnancy & wedding in the UAE and the increased number of questions we received, we wanted to post some more information about it. This article is only commenting on the original post and until the UAE authorities officially release a notice about it, we do invite everyone to consult a local lawyer to always comply with the local laws. Please do check our latest content on regarding the UAE family laws.

Original article: by Ashleigh Stewart the 30/04/21

UAE laws for babies & pregnant women

It was not lawful for an unmarried woman to get pregnant in the UAE. Moreover, in such conditions, the outcomes could lead them to imprisonment or even deportation. That is the reason most unmarried pregnant ladies used to choose a wedding administration outside the UAE. Yet, the truth is that it was not affordable for everyone. Additionally, it was likewise unrealistic for the kids to get their birth certificate, education and healthcare services as well if they were born to unmarried couples.

Previous Family & Social Reforms of the UAE

In the last reforms that UAE gave, alcohol and suicide were decriminalized (back to November 2020). In addition, it likewise permits unmarried couples to live together that prompted numerous unmarried pregnancies. Those changes made also created a lot of troubles for unmarried couples. Now as indicated by the most recent news distributed by the Times UK, the UAE will change its strategies with respect to children conceived illegitimately.

Latest Reforms About Unmarried Pregnant Women

According to the original article, Sheik Mansour container Zayed the minister of presidential affairs signed a legal order because of the applications enlisted by unmarried couples. It will permit unmarried couples to apply for the birth certificate for their kids if they are expecting. Also, they will not have to show any marriage certificate to fill this application.

It’s critical to remember that the new order illustrates that the couple ought to have a conjugal relationship. But implies that a wedding prior to getting pregnant is certifiably not a legitimate requirement from now onwards.

Other Important Considerations regarding the latest UAE laws for families

Now according to the UAE vision which is to move with the speed that the changing world requires, it’s simply the pathway of the nation to push ahead and to facilitate the ex-pats living in the country. That is the reason it’s imperative to give an environment where every foreigner can live effectively to follow their convictions and religions.

Verdict on Women Don’t Need to Flee UAE Now Who Get Pregnant Without Wedlock

The UAE is presently pushing ahead with the vision to turn into an extraordinary example for the entire GCC region. It is making changes to offers a liberal society where individuals from around the world can live calmly and follow their religions.

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