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Will I Actually Be Married Online if I Choose Online Wedding Service? | Is it actually an online wedding?

Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible – Will I Actually Be Married Online if I Choose Online Wedding Service?

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The latest studies and researches show that people are using the internet for all types of services which we never thought of before. Thanks to the COVID-19 that has changed the landscape of countless things and boosted internet usage. But what about marrying online? Is it even a real thing? Does marrying online actually mean an online wedding? First of all, Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible. This article will help you especially if you’re from somewhere where you can’t marry and travel is also not possible. So, without any further ado let’s jump into it.

Is Getting Married Online Actually an Online Wedding Process?

If we talk about the actual wedding process, then it’s certainly an off-line one. It’s a real wedding procedure (paperwork) that is performed in another country without having you physically present there. So technically speaking, it’s still an online process from your perspective.

How to prepare for Your Online Marriage?

Well, the fact of the matter you really don’t need to perform any hefty or hectic activity. That’s because nothing’s really required from your side. First of all, what we do is schedule a call with you in order to find out all the key information and details unique to your particular scenario. It includes nationality, current marital status, religion, etcetera. Our team of experienced and expert lawyers will do a full embassy check-up after studying everything. It will allow them to determine whether online marriage is feasible in your particular case. If it is good to go then we will start the online wedding process for you.

How Does an “Online” Marriage Happen?

In order to marry online, you’ll need to provide your passport copy and power of attorney. Then our lawyers residing in another country will apply for the marriage registration on your behalf. Thus, the wedding registrar will issue a wedding certificate. After that, the wedding certificate will undergo a local legalization process. Once the whole process is complete, we’ll receive the original hard copy to complete the final step of legalization if you live in the UAE. Or we’ll send you the original copy to take care of the final step if you reside in a different country. 

It is important to keep in mind that the wedding certificate that you will get is issued by a government institution. So, you won’t find it saying “online” anywhere as in its true nature it’s not online.

Final Word on Marriage Without Traveling Is Possible – Will I Actually Be Married Online if I Choose Online Wedding Service?

So that’s how the online wedding process takes place. You get a completely legalized wedding certificate that allows you to use it anywhere you want to live as a family.

If you know someone living in the UAE or anywhere else as well and wants to marry online, share this article with them.

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