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Would the New Abortion Law in US affect online wedding

Would the New Abortion Law in US affect online wedding?

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Like GCC countries, the act of abortion is now banned in the US, referred to as “trigger bans”. Yet, this law has been passed in 13 states. 59% of Americans disapprove of the Supreme Court’s decision, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll conducted Friday and Saturday. 

In this article, we will shed the light on how the current law of abortion in the US is different from GCC countries?

New Laws of Abortion in the US:

The 1973 Roe decision held that the Constitution guarantees women has the right to choose an abortion. Since Roe, the United States and other Western European nations have liberalized abortion laws. Roe v. Wade, put the 50 years of rule an end that clearly states the abortion is a constitutional right. Like US, many states have passed increasingly strict abortion laws in the past few years, where the government adopted a law banning abortions after six weeks, except for life-threatening pregnancies. 

Why online weddings become more trendy today?

Most countries, whether they are in the Middle East or the US, prohibit abortions completely. In some cases, about half of the countries are only permitted for abortion when a woman life is threatened. Even though, not allowed in any other cases like rape or incest, while some

Therefore, many people turn their heads towards online wedding, the best solution of all. Because, it is not only saves your time or expenses but also come out your pregnant love of any hassle.

Final Verdict on Would the New Abortion Law in US affect online wedding?

The New Personal Laws of 2022 stipulate providing all the legal amenities and taking care of women who are pregnant. Nevertheless, it becomes very stressful for mothers to abort their children and might be possible to deprived of various rights for a child.

Thus, we recommend that pregnant women consider alternative methods, such as marrying the child’s father after discussing starting a family together. A virtual wedding is ideal especially for those mothers who can’t travel at crucial times.

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