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What is the biggest bliss for Expats? Online wedding VS Easy wedding Qatar

What is the biggest bliss for Expats? Online wedding VS Easy wedding Qatar

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Solemnizing a virtual wedding is itself a blessing for expats. Since it not only saves time but is also perfect for expats performing interfaith marriages. Even in the worst situation, when your partner is not allowed to travel. As everyone remembers, online weddings became the biggest asset during the pandemic. Then why are expats facing restrictions in Qatar? Here you will crave out more about this sensitive matter of life. 

Qatar Marriage Regulations for Expats:

The procedural work for marriage in Qatar is more than in any other country, especially when you and your partner belong to different cultures. Moreover, there are some limitations for expats based on either Qatar laws or their religious laws. Unfortunately, you can celebrate your nuptials only at selected approved locations in Qatar, even beach weddings are forbidden. Besides this, a marriage certificate will be received by expats in Arabic and later translated through the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and industry.

Online wedding Conditions for Expats:

It is entirely up to you how simple or elaborate your online wedding ceremony looks, from your end as well as from your marriage partner’s. After your online wedding ceremony is completed, all that’s left is the official documentation declaring your marriage legal in all states.

Officials who conduct wedding ceremonies are responsible for submitting registration information to local courts. A marriage certificate will be issued to you by the court, which you can use whenever you need to prove your union to an agency or institution.

It is common for marriages to be performed in another country to require one additional element that other types of marriages do not: to attach an apostille stamp to the certificate. You can use this notarized stamp in any nation that is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention to authenticate your marriage. 

Concluding the Choosing the Right Decision for Marriage:

All expats either settled in Qatar or other countries where laws for expat marriages are strict. Adopting the online wedding as a preference paves the way to being more accessible for expats. Due to this, the couples will not go under the long paperwork. 

Want to know more about choosing an easy wedding as a qatar resident and expat; speak to our team about your online wedding.

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