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Packages to plan a dream wedding in Abu Dhabi


Being married is one of the most important experiences in a person’s life, thus it is natural to dream about it and experience a sense of wonder or even concern. Since the first time you laid eyes on your beloved, you have undoubtedly been daydreaming about it. To experience the day you’ve been picturing, you deserve the perfect wedding. If you want to arrange your wedding in a beautiful place on a reasonable budget, Georgia is the right approach. There are ideal wedding sites in Abu Dhabi, and foreigners are cordially welcomed there, but they require a high expense and in extreme climates. Although as an expat it is more suitable to hold an online wedding followed by a ceremony in the gorgeous land of Georgia. To make it easy for you, we have listed some of the packages to plan a dream wedding in Abu Dhabi and Georgia below!

Let’s take a look at packages offered in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has some of the most magnificent venue options available, ranging from modest luxury venues to enormous fantasy wedding sites. Rosewood hotels and four-season hotels provide exceptional wedding event choices for less than 200 people. Whereas the Ritz and other big locations are unquestionably accessible, they may be too expensive. Most of these places, however, only offer indoor wedding alternatives, and doing your ceremony outside is likely to blow your budget. Furthermore, most of the year, the weather in Abu Dhabi is unsuitable for holding an outdoor event. As a result, it is recommended that you check into wedding packages in Georgia.

Package to plan a dream wedding in the city, Georgia                                                               

You have the option of planning a beautiful ceremony in Tbilisi, Georgia’s old and bustling capital city. It stretches out on both banks of the Mtkvari River. Tbilisi is flanked by mountains on three sides. It paints a beautiful picture of a nicely interwoven old and contemporary city that spans centuries.

You can also hold your big day in Mtskheta, one of Georgia’s oldest cities. It is located around 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Tbilisi at the junction of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers. It is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mtskheta was formerly the capital of the early Kingdom of Iberia (today’s Eastern Georgia) and has been inhabited since before 1,000 BC. When opposed to the more frantic pace of Tbilisi, the charming ancient town has a laid-back, rural air. Our team here will handle everything from your wedding arch to the transport to your venue and everything in between.

Package to plan a dream wedding package by the lake, Georgia

Hold your dream wedding at the magical Kvareli Lake Resort. Taking your vows surrounded by mountainous landscapes in the midst of an enchanting lush forest. The resort is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind setting, modern style, superb cuisine, and exceptional service. Situated in the middle of Kakheti, one of Georgia’s most beautiful districts. You have a lot to do in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, and it shouldn’t be all on your own. You can count on our staff to organize your event and make it magical.

Package to plan a dream wedding package in the mountains, Georgia

If you are looking for a fairytale wedding right out of a dream, we can assist you to plan your event in a culturally aware contemporary hotel and a stunning view. You also have the option to pick Georgia’s Gudauri ski area, situated on a plateau with a southern orientation in the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Both these locations are a complete package of luxury and charm.

What more to look for in Georgia?

While we look for the perfect locations for your wedding, let’s consider the ideal meals. The state has a rich culinary legacy because the eastern regions have regional cuisine with spicy variants. Georgian cuisine, has had a considerable impact on regional cuisines. Georgian wines, on the other hand, are renowned for their great quality and sweet, rich flavor profile. You can rely on our wedding planners to design your wedding ceremony meals.


Georgia is the ideal location to plan your enchanted, dreamy wedding if you want it to be more reasonably affordable and in nice weather. Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful sights and high structures for a view, even when inclement weather can be a little unpleasant. For our Abu Dhabi expats, Georgia provides the finest and most affordable wedding packages. You always have the option to hold an online marriage, and a beautiful dream wedding on the peaks of Georgia!

Are you looking for additional information on our Packages to plan a dream wedding in Abu Dhabi and Georgia? Get in contact with our advisor; we’re here to help!

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