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nikkah and civil marriage for muslim expats

Nikah & Civil Marriage for Muslims Expats

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Nowadays, extravagant wedding services are becoming more and more popular everywhere. Couples tend to visit foreign countries to conduct their weddings. It is important to make certain that all legal formalities are completed to make sure your wedding in the respective country has the right respect in the eyes of the law.  The expense of all procedures is rather high for everyone, so it does not need to break the bank.

Here, we discuss how to choose your wedding services anywhere in foreign country versus online ceremonies.

Rules to Follow of Civil Marriage in UAE:

After the nikkah, you have to undergo the lengthy legal marriage requirements of the UAE in order to register it. The following essential requisites must be met for the marriage contract to be perfected:

  • Getting the bride’s approval
  • Dubai requires at least one spouse (or spouse’s guardian) to have a UAE residency visa. Other emirates require that both bride and groom are UAE nationals.
  • The couple’s pre-marital screening certificate issued by the public healthcare facility in the United Arab Emirates.

Rules to Follow of Online Nikah Marriage:

The online nikkah marriage of muslim couples or if muslim marrying a non-muslim require that clients submit their passports/ID card copies to the respective embassy via email long with their other details. To celebrate their Nikah, they will select a suitable date in collaboration with our easy-wedding team.

In the event that both the bride and groom are available to participate in a video conference. During the scheduled video call, our Qazi Nikah Khawan will recite the Khutba-e-Nikah. In the presence of the vakeels and two Muslim witnesses to the Nikah, he performs the Ejab e Qabool. 

Final verdict of Nikah and Civil Marriage for Muslim Expats:

Getting married online either it is a civil marriage or nikkah becomes more easier and fast going process for every muslim expats than UAE. This is the perfect option for those muslims who are marrying to non-muslims and have a desire to settle abroad. It not only reduces your traveling cost but also makes the procedure far more convenient for you. 

Having a wish to solemnize the civil or nikkah marriage online, let’s do a quick call with our highly-trained easy-wedding team!

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