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Marriage requirements in Dubai for Filipino nationals

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Living in Dubai, like every other place on the planet, necessitates a great deal of labour and struggle. It is not all rainbows and sunshine always. Especially, getting married in Dubai is one of the most difficult things to undertake. If you’re a Filipino couple, keep reading because this post will teach you how to get married in Dubai.


You should double-check that you have all of the relevant documentation and paperwork. You don’t want to find yourself going around in circles. That’s because, as your wedding day approaches, it can leave you feeling befuddled and nervous.

Filipino couples must meet certain requirements, including as having their documents authorized and confirmed by several authorities.

  • A application should be made from each of the spouses.
  • One joint affidavit form
  • One marriage announcement form
  • Report on the marriage

One of the most essential things we see is that a large number of Filipinos have previously married. In the Philippines, there are no divorce, making it the only country in the world without such (unless you’re a Muslim, who make up only 11 percent of the population).

Unfortunately, for Filipinos who are locked in a marriage, annulment is their only option.

UAE is out of the question for persons in such situations, particularly ladies who have their ex-name husband’s on their passport. Because for a marriage to take place in the UAE a document of singleness or divorce is required which often becomes difficult here and increases the complications in the paperwork.

However, because each scenario is different, and having death with a number of similar cases we recommend contacting our staff to see if anything can be done.


It’s crucial to remember that if the person is a Filipino national, the marriage can take place in the Filipino consulate. If one of the spouses is not a citizen, the couple will need to choose another location for their wedding.

If they are Christians, they can marry at a church. However, you must ensure that you meet the church’s price criteria in such instance, as it would not be free. They will also have to comply with any additional requirements imposed by the church.

If the Filipino couple is Muslim, they must choose an Islamic court marriage based on Sharia law. In addition, the couple will need to bring two Muslim witnesses, each with their own national IDs and passports.

And finally, the couple can also opt to get married online which has recently picked up with the ongoing pandemic. This is ideal for those couples who want to stay away from the hassle and need a quick and easy way to tie the knot.


Filipinos, like many other nationalities, are able to marry in Dubai. The only key thing to remember is that you need to finish the paperwork and meet all of the legal requirements. This could take some time and effort however if you are struggling with it; we are here to help.

If you’re a Filipino and are looking to get married this year; let us know in the comment section below if you need any help. We’ll get back to you right away.

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