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marriage in dubai on a visit visa

Is it possible to plan a marriage in Dubai on Visit Visa

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Are you looking at getting married in Dubai on a visit visa; then this article we will look into the options for you. However always recommend every couple to do a bit of research on the country laws for marriage and the best possible route to getting married because laws change all the time.

In fact very recently, the UAE government amended its laws on marriages, pregnancies outside of marriage, and alcohol usage a few months ago. The implementation of the new laws is still unclear which makes it even more critical to understand the UAE wedding process. So let’s dive right in !

Guidelines to getting married in the Dubai on visit visa

Dubai like an other Islamic country follows the Sharia laws and marriages are legalized in the Sharia court. Muslim visitors are unable to apply for a sharia court marriage because they are on a visitor visa. The marriage certificate in Islam is essentially a contract that protects both the groom and the bride’s rights.

A Muslim man, on the other hand, can marry a non-Muslim woman, but she must be a member of any book religion. If a non-Muslim man wishes to marry a Muslim lady, he must first convert to Islam.

On the other hand, Non Muslims must seek advice from their respective embassies. They’ll be able to find all of the information they need to marry in the UAE, as well as comply with the Foreign Marriage Act. In plain English, the prerequisites for marrying in the UAE on a visit visa are determined by your nationality and religion.

Under what circumstances can you marry in Dubai on a visit visa

In order to marry in the UAE, a couple or one partner must have a valid residency visa.

  • If a lady visits Dubai with her legal guardian or parent on a visit visa, the man who wishes to marry her must have a resident visa. In order to receive a legitimate medical certificate, the lady must also undergo a medical screening test. The couple will be able to tie the knot in this situation.
  • If the male is on a visit visa, however, the lady must have her father’s, mother’s, stepfather’s or legal guardian’s legal documentation. If the lady is divorced or widowed, she must also show proof of her deceased or ex-husband.
  • A Muslim lady must additionally present a no objection letter from her consulate or embassy if her father is a non-Muslim in another unusual situation. The MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) must additionally verify this certificate, which must include a legal Arabic translation.
  • If a lady is Christian or Jewish, she must bring her father, legal guardians, or guardian’s deputy to the wedding. If she is unable to do so, the judge can take on the role of one of these. Finally, upon married, the pair must present two eyewitnesses.

It is very important to note; that in all these given circumstances one partner or the couple needs to have a resident visa to legally wed in Dubai

In addition, The couple will also need to complete certain last formalities, like as producing documentation from their respective countries of origin. For example, proof of social position, marriage authorization, and any other significant document. Aside from that, the couple’s original passports and the bride’s guardian’s original passports. A proof of the identity of two witnesses is also required.

Can you get married online?

If there’s any the recent pandemic has taught us how quickly things have move online; and the same goes to getting married as well. You could also alternatively consider an online wedding if you are in the need to move along a lot more faster and do have much time to spare.

Final verdict on getting married in Dubai on a visit visa

While getting married in the Dubai on a visit visa is definitely possible in some of the above mentioned scenario; let me warn you that the paperwork can be a bit more lengthier and tedious.

We always advise couples planning on getting married; especially if one partner is not a resident permit holder in Dubai visiting your respective embassy to learn about all of the laws and procedures to save time and effort.

If you are getting married; and one of the partner is not a resident permit holder; do not hesitate to get touch with us and we can help you with the formalities of getting married on a visit visa in Dubai.

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