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How to have a successful civil wedding in the UAE

How to have a successful civil wedding in the UAE Vs an online wedding

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A successful civil wedding in the UAE is possible if you know the right measures to follow. Couples who fancy the UAE will be glad to note that the process for marriage has been made simple. No matter their ethnicity or religion, couples can now have a smooth legal marriage.

The UAE is a well-organized country that requires couples to adhere to some standards when filing for marriage. All stipulated documents must be submitted before the wedding can hold. In this text, we will discuss the civil wedding process in the UAE, while also considering the online alternative.

How can couples go about their marriage in the UAE?

In the UAE, couples can complete their marriages by following a set of very simple steps. The major aspect of the entire process is documentation. When this is done right, every other thing follows without difficulty.

For the couple to conclude their marriage in the UAE, they will need the following important documents:

  1. Passports for identification
  2. Emirate’s ID if they have one.
  3. Proof of an annulled marriage which should be in the form of a divorce certificate or death certificate for widowed couples.
  4. A filled marriage application form.

When all of these are provided, the officials will begin the civil marriage process. Often, a date will be assigned to the couple for the official marriage. Also, if they wish they can invite their relatives to the ceremony.

The UAE civil marriage versus Online marriage

For couples who are miles apart in different parts of the world. a physical wedding in the UAE may not be the best option for them. Online marriage via Zoom video conferencing is an excellent provision that they can utilize. This marriage process is just as legal as the one obtainable at the Abu Dhabi Family Court.

All necessary documents are submitted online and when the marriage officials fix a date, the formal marriage process will take place. This marriage route is swift and easy. The couple can also request to have their marriage certificate delivered to them.

If the option of an online marriage via video conferencing is ideal for you and your partner, book a consultation with our wedding experts. They will guide you through all the major steps.

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