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Can I get legally married online without traveling

How can I get legally married online without traveling

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The whole process of getting legally married online all began a year and a half ago. And today we live in a completely different world where everything is being brought online. People are even discussing getting married online these days.

In the beginning; there was a lot of apprehension whether getting married was even legal or was it all one big scam. However; once it was officially announced by the UAE government and around the world; couples have now started to look at it differently.

This post is to provide you with all of the information you require about getting married online. Continue reading to find out if you are eligible for this option.

Getting legally married online

The process of getting legally married online might be simple and straightforward, then yet again it completely depends on the couples situations. There are many factors that play an important role to legitimize an online wedding.

Online weddings didn’t have any legal value for many years but thanks to COVID-19 that the landscape of this concept is now a little different. Some religious marriages are now held over the internet using Zoom or Skype.

However a religious weddings without civil legal papers, is not recognized. Couples opting to get married online must choose for a civil marriage and ensure they have all the right documents in place.

Concluding on how you can get legally married online without traveling

First and foremost; it is important to note that an online wedding has nothing to do with your religion or faith. This means by the end of the process you will not receive a religious certificate. This is purely documentation and paperwork. If required; you can always choose a simple online religious ceremony or one in person later on.

The marriage registrar and a team of lawyers will only be conducting a real and civil wedding. Its only once you sign the power of attorney, the marriage will take place.

The lawyers will conduct a comprehensive legal embassy checkup based on the couple’s nationalities. The online wedding process if the embassies have no issues. Furthermore, the only condition is the actual passport, and you will receive a wedding certificate that is 100% genuine and legal.

Are you exploring the option of a online wedding for legal paperwork and documentation; do not hesitate to write to us.

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