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Getting married in the UAE Vs online marriage

Getting married in the UAE Vs online marriage

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One of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have could be starting a new life in in the UAE. Living in UAE, like living in any new country, may be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any practical knowledge of how things are done here.

The UAE, and particularly Dubai, launched new developments aimed at expats living in the UAE. This included laws related to getting married, having a baby outside a wedlock, divorce, inheritance and a lot more.

In this article; we discuss the relevance of getting married in the UAE vs having an online marriage

New laws of getting married in UAE

Previously, getting married in any of the emirates was pretty much impossible. Moreover; women marrying the UAE were required to have the presence of a guardian without which the marriage would not be validated.

However with the new marriage law; the woman would no longer need the permission of her guardian or her father. Additionally, Abu Dhabi is now welcomed finalizing civil marriage contracts for tourists and those residing outside the emirate or country, a service given solely in this region of the emirate.

Online weddings in 2022

While getting married might not be the first choice for most couples; its a reality we now live in. In 2020, the UAE started an online wedding service to avoid the inconvenience of getting married.

This however has opened many door; couples who now live in different countries can choose to get married online legally. This type of a wedding also gives couples the feasibility of then sponsoring their partner to travel and come live with them.

Final verdict on getting married in UAE Vs online wedding

Both ways of getting married come with their set of pros; however it really depends on the situation and challenges of each couple. Hence picking one approach would be not be the best solution.

It is always best advisable to speak to a specialized wedding agencies and allow them to guide you better into which of these methods would work best.

Still confused about a getting married in the UAE Vs an online wedding; book a call with our team of experts.

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