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Getting Married in Dubai: Requirements for Indians

Indian Marriage in Dubai: Requirements for Indians

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Every country has its own rules and regulations, and you have to abide by them while living in a certain place. Just like the famous saying that “When at Rome, do as Romans do.” However, some certain places have some rules which are very complicated such as the wedding rules and requirements of Dubai. Not all people like it as it can take a whole lot of time and money. This article is for all the Indian Nationals who want to know how to get married in Dubai for Indians as it discusses the requirements for the Indian Marriage in Dubai. So, let’s get started.

Indians Getting Married in Dubai: Rules and Requirements

All the Indian nationals need notice for intended marriage

Both of the spouses must also have a declaration of the marriage, along with the attested and sworn affidavit from their respective embassy or consulate

They will also be needing four passport-size pictures to paste on the form of marriage

Either the bride or the groom must have a residency visa of Dubai (UAE)

A couple of Indian nationals with residency visa of Dubai (UAE) along with the proof of their identity

If one of the spouses is Indian and the other is not, then the non-Indian spouse will have to obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from his/her embassy. The NOC must be attested or approved by the Ministry of Foreign affairs

The Indian national will also have to get the text of publication published with the exact same format that s/he will be provided by the consulate after the submission of the marriage form

Once the NOC and text of the publication process completes, the couple along with the witnesses will have to arrive before the marriage registrar or officer for marriage solemnization.

Final Word on Indian Marriage in Dubai: Requirements for Indians

As you can see that there are a lot of requirements and documents that you need to fulfill in order to get married in Dubai. If you don’t feel like dealing with all the requirements you can always go for an easier option. Such as wedding online through power of attorney. It’s a perfectly legal way to marry that doesn’t even require travelling.

If you know any Indian national who wants to get married in Dubai, then share this guide with them to save their time.

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