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Get married online if you are pregnant in the UAE

Get Married Online if You’re Facing Pregnancy Out of Marriage UAE in 2021

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In order to improve their living standards, many foreigners come to the UAE and live there. You would already know that you have to face some difficulties for residing in the UAE as well if you were one of those. Some of the key concerns include strict laws on pregnancy, marriage, and unmarried cohabitation. Although the rules have been modified by the UAE, current studies and trends show that if you want a child with a legal birth certificate and health insurance cover, you still need a marriage certificate. This post is also the best method to marry when you’re facing pregnancy out of marriage UAE in 2021 and can’t travel as well because of COVID-19 and it’s none other than getting married online.

Pregnancy Out of Marriage UAE in 2021: Potential Problems

Even after the introduction of the new rules, you’ll need to experience some big problems if you are pregnant without a wedding certificate. Getting medical insurance and applying for your baby’s birth certificate can be very tough. In order to discuss your particular case with the Personal Status Court, Hospitals can still call the police.

If the couple wishes to obtain their newborn’s authentic birth certificate, they must also present a legal wedding certificate. In addition, the Dubai Health Authority says that unmarried maternity care is not included in medical insurance.

Get Married Online if Pregnant in the UAE in 2021

Getting married online can serve you well if you are unmarried and experiencing pregnancy in the UAE. It’s one of the best options especially for those who can’t travel. We complete the online wedding process with the power of attorney. Moreover, you also receive a completely legitimate certificate of marriage.

Keep in mind that the new rules in the UAE mean that unmarried pregnancy won’t be considered a crime. But it is necessary to have a marriage certificate if you wish to receive a certificate of birth for your child and health insurance coverage.

Concluding Here’s How to Get Married if You’re Experiencing Pregnancy Before Marriage in UAE 2021

Consider getting married online if you are planning a baby or already are pregnant to receive all the best services in the UAE that your newborn deserves.

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