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Facing the strict challenges of Abortion laws for Gulf Countries

Facing the strict challenges of Abortion laws for Gulf Countries

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The Gulf countries are renowned for the most restrictive abortion laws all around the world. Despite the few exceptions, termination of pregnancy has been deemed a crime. It is only legal when the woman or child’s health poses a threat. 

Execution of Strict Abortion Laws for Gulf Countries:

Using an interactive map, the Center for Reproductive Rights has identified 11 Arab countries that ban abortion entirely or permit it only in cases of life-threatening situations. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia are among them.

As well as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Djibouti, Algeria, and Morocco, many other countries permit abortion for the sake of preserving the woman’s health.

What Challenges Pregnant Mothers Face in Gulf Countries?

Imprisonment and fines, or both, are the penalties for abortions throughout the Gulf world. The procedure is penalized for women as well as doctors.

Women who attempt to abort their fetuses voluntarily face a five years prison sentence. In the meantime, those who perform abortions on women are subject to seven years in prison.

The restrictive laws in this region force many women in the region to conduct abortions in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, where they are regularly blackmailed, extorted and harassed.

Final Verdict on How to Cope with Strict Abortion Laws for Gulf countries:

Women living in the Gulf states are looking up to other best possible choices. Most of those whose pregnancy is unplanned can’t marry under these restrictive conditions. We recommend moving your paths towards online weddings. This is a stress-free alternative where you can get an official marital certificate right after the marriage. It is even the best for those who are not allowed to travel.

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