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Alternatives to mass wedding in the UAE

Everything you need to know about a mass wedding in the UAE

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Having a marriage with one person in the whole world is the biggest decision of life that every human has gone through. The decision is all on the couples whom they are getting married to whether they want a minimony event or a big fat wedding. Firstly, you have to understand how indigenous people conduct the mass wedding in UAE or who is able to join this? 

Emirates natives can take part in mass weddings UAE

In the case of celebrating the mass wedding in UAE where most people are confused that anyone is welcome to join this event. This event is based on remembering the old traditional customs of UAE local people, under the supervision of its government. Also, it signifies unity, and solidarity as well as refreshing the close relationship with the Emirati people. All the preparation of mass weddings is to give the platform to the indigenous people to have a lavish and cost-effective route of marriage and be able to fulfill their wishes as they want.

Other alternatives to mass wedding

The trend of online weddings started from the time of Coronavirus when people were more into technology and connected through these devices. Now people realize that we can opt for an online wedding in the case of a long-distance relationship. Intriguingly, the intimate friends or family who are very far apart can be part of your intimate wedding through online applications such as Zoom, Skype etc. 

Advice for all couples planning their wedding day arrangements

For those who can opt for a mass wedding due to various marriage protocols, can always consider a virtual wedding and enjoy your important day of life in one click. This is the easiest way not to get your marriage delayed more. All you have to do is make a timely decision and share your beautiful memories with loved ones. However, we would like to appreciate the gestures of the UAE government in arranging the mass wedding in UAE is for their native young people and keeping their cultural strings stronger. 

Be a part of a mass wedding as UAE natives while expats can go for an online wedding to have a budget-friendly wedding. Consult us and conduct your marriage on your terms!

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