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Easy online wedding for Saudi expats

Easy online wedding for Saudi expats

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An easy online wedding can prove to be one of the best options for expats living in Saudi. Online weddings can prove to be an affordable alternative to the burdensome marriage procedure in Saudi. These type of weddings came into fashion because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online weddings can offer an excellent hassle-free proxy to start your married life right away.

Traditional requirements of an easy wedding in Saudi for expats

  • Valid resident permit for both parties
  • Written permission from the current sponsor of the bride
  • Mutual agreement of both the bride & the groom
  • Completed religious practices
  • Arabic speaking expat couples can sign the marriage contract at home for expats
  • The marriage license can take place in family courts for other Muslim expats
  • A medical report
  • Attendance of spouses, guardians of the bride, and their representatives

These requirements can be difficult to fulfill if you happen to have problems with your paperwork. If your partner or you are not a resident of Saudi, these might be impossible to fulfill. Inter-racial couples or interfaith couples especially tend to struggle when it comes to getting married in Saudi. This is why most expats are pushed to return to their home countries for an easy wedding. If a traditional wedding is not a feasible option for you, or you are a Muslim woman wanting to marry a non-Muslim man; an online wedding is your path to take. Civil Affairs Office will easily register your legal marriage certificate.

Why an easy online wedding is the best choice for Saudi expats?

  • Time-saving
  • Easy on the wallet
  • More efficient
  • No traveling required

With all these, quick and economic benefits offered, an online wedding is the easiest wedding option available on the table. Do keep in mind, that the documents required for an online wedding will vary according to your or your partner’s country of residence.

Once you are virtually married, you will be able to legally register in Saudi with no further trouble.

Easy online wedding vs getting married in Saudi

Getting married in Saudi is not an easy process. If you want to fast forward the process of being with your partner, an online wedding is your best bet. An online wedding can create a smooth path for expats in Saudi to have an easy wedding.

Want to know more about an easy online wedding? We are here to help! Talk to our team now.

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