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Big Fat wedding in Dubai Vs a low key online wedding

Big Fat wedding in Dubai Vs a low key online wedding

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People from various places across the globe usually ask “Can tourists Get Married in Dubai ” and ‘Are online marriages possible’. And the answer to both is ‘Yes’ however they as the title they are very different from one another.

In this blog, we will do a comparison between how to have a big fat wedding in Dubai Vs choosing something more intimate and personal like an online wedding.

How to Get Married in Dubai the lavish way for tourists.

One of the most famous tourist destinations globally, Dubai is famous for its luxurious life, beautiful skyscrapers, and shopping. Also, people seeking destination weddings choose Dubai for an extravaganza experience. 

Choose a Wedding Planner in Dubai:

 You have planned to get married and finalized Dubai as a wedding destination. However, handling the local affair, language barrier, government documents preparation, and other things are robust affairs. You need a local to help you, especially in marriage offices in Dubai. Who is better than a local wedding planner in Dubai who can handle all this stuff for you easily?

 Check the availability of the hotels:

Dubai is a happening country with tourists swarming for all the good reasons. If you have not fixed the venue and hotel, you will be in trouble. Before finalizing the venue, do research well. Check prices, amenities available, and dates before finalizing anything.

Dive into the Middle Eastern culture:

Dubai has a flourishing and beautiful culture. If you are in Dubai for a wedding, follow their tradition and culture. Apart from a full package of wedding venues, you also need a local shopping guide. Buy the traditional outfits and pieces of jeweler. Make your wedding a cherished affair for your friends and family.

Legal documents and paperwork

It is important to note that getting married for the legalization is not the easiest. However if its only the ceremonial wedding you are looking at; Dubai is just absolutely perfect.

Why choose an online wedding

Not every couple is a big fan of getting married in a big way. If a simple low key wedding is your jam, then an online wedding is all you need. An online wedding is more personal where couples decides to have their few chosen ones to be a part of their special day.

Moreover; if you and your partner belong to different nationalities, religions, or are currently living in different countries and travel is not an option right now then an online wedding is ideal.

Nevertheless, your wedding is an excellent phase of your life. Make it special in Dubai either lavishly or in a low key way. Book a call with our team to find out what would work best for you.

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