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Best Price for Legal Wedding: Dubai vs Online Wedding

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Because of the opportunities and the lifestyle that Dubai has to offer, many people come here to make their living. Undoubtedly the life standard here is very good and there are endless opportunities to grow, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and rainbows. There are complicated situations as well where you can’t seem to find any better or a good solution. Getting married is one of those complicated situations because of the long list of requirements and expenses. Keep on reading to find out if it’s the right place for your wedding with its legal wedding cost.

Cost to Complete the Legal Wedding Process in Dubai!

If you already know all the legal requirements to get married in Dubai, then make sure that you know the following expenses on those requirements.

The acquisition of a premarital medical screening certificate can cost you from AED 250 to AED 900 depending upon your choice of the medical center.

The Dubai Court that carries out your wedding process has a fee of up to AED 1800.

As mentioned in the legal requirements, you will have to get some documents attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attestation process will cost you AED 160.

Other than that, if you want to get your marriage legalized in your home country (That you will have to sooner or later, so, getting it done right away is recommended) you’ll have to check that fee from your consulate. That’s because it varies from country to country depending upon the nature of the process. However, every stamp in your home country can be around 45 US dollars.

Final Word on Best Price for Legal Wedding: Dubai vs Online Wedding 

These are some of the basic expenses that you will have to spend on the basic legal processes. Keep in mind that the venue, dressing, reception, etcetera can cost you an astronomical amount of money. Online wedding is not really a cheap way to get married either. But just think of it. Instead of running around with dozens of documents for months you can sit back and relax while our lawyers are getting you married in about 3 weeks.

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