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2023 UAE’s New Law About Marriage, Divorce, and Inheritance

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The UAE’s legal system will see significant changes to family law on February 1, 2023, affecting marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance for non-Muslim expatriates.

The Federal Personal Status Law will be introduced across all emirates, providing a modernized system for non-Muslim family law issues.

The law aims to regulate the conditions and procedures for marriage and provide clear guidelines for divorce proceedings.

Marriage for non Muslim in Dubai in 2023

Non-Muslim couples will be able to tie the knot in a non-Sharia legal process, with the conditions being that both partners must be at least 21 years old and fill out a declaration form in front of a judge. This process was previously only available in Abu Dhabi, but will now be implemented across the UAE.

2023 UAE Divorce Laws

The new decree outlines the procedures for divorce, which can either be initiated by either spouse. Divorce proceedings will now be quicker, as they will not require family guidance counseling or mediation sessions, and can be granted after a single hearing.

If a divorcing couple has children, joint and equal custody of the children will be granted until they reach the age of 18. In the event of a custody dispute, the court will take into consideration the best interests of the children, with a woman’s testimony being equal to that of a man.

Financial alimony will be determined based on factors such as the length of the marriage and the financial status of both parties.

Inheritance in the UAE

Non-Muslims will now be able to register a will at the same time as their marriage certificate, allowing them to specify to whom they want their property to go. If there is no will, 50% of the person’s inheritance will go to their spouse, and the other half will be distributed equally among any children. If there are no children, the remaining 50% will go to any surviving parents or siblings.

Final Words

These changes to the UAE law are part of a larger effort to modernize the country’s legal system. They provide a more progressive and inclusive legal system for the people of the UAE.

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