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What is
Online Wedding?

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Couples willing to start officially their journey without big wedding ceremony

Welcome to Easy Wedding, where we bring your dream wedding to life online. Discover the convenience and magic of saying ‘I do’ from anywhere in the world.

Here are a few reasons why couples choose to get married via online weddings:

  • Deepen your bond
  • Build a life together
  • Gain legal protections
  • Enjoy financial benefits
  • Create a family legacy
  • Start a family

Is Online Wedding Legit?

Yes, online weddings can be legally recognized. The legitimacy of your online wedding depends on the laws of the country or state where you reside. Our consultants are available to provide detailed information tailored to your situation.

An online wedding is a virtual ceremony where couples can get married via the internet, utilizing video conferencing tools to connect with guests who participate remotely. This modern approach allows for a personalized and intimate experience, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Online weddings have gained popularity in recent years, especially during times when physical gatherings are restricted. From live-streamed ceremonies to fully interactive events, the concept has evolved to accommodate various preferences and needs.

Key Components

  • Online Ceremony via WebX
  • Official Officiant
  • Witnesses Availabilitiy
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Certificate Shipping to home country

Benefits of Online Weddings

  • Cost Savings
  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • Global Accessibility
  • Environmental Impact

Available Online Wedding Options


For couples looking to have an Islamic marriage, our online Nikah ceremony is conducted by qualified Imam, in presence of witnesses and adheres strictly to Islamic traditions. The process ensures that all religious requirements are met, providing a seamless and authentic experience.

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Sharia Wedding

Tailored to comply with Islamic law, our Sharia weddings offer a spiritually significant ceremony that respects cultural traditions as well as legal requirements. Our experienced team ensures that every aspect of the Sharia requirements is fulfilled.

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Civil Marriage GCC Legalization

Legal marriages for residents of the GCC are made simple with our online civil marriage services. We handle all the paperwork and legal formalities, ensuring your marriage is recognized by GCC countries, allowing you to focus on celebrating your union.

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Apostille Civil Marriage

Your Perfect Online Wedding

Recognized in countries that are part of the Apostille Convention, our Apostille civil marriage service ensures your marriage certificate is legally valid internationally. We take care of the authentication process.

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Ceremonial Metaverse Wedding

Your Perfect Online Wedding

Experience a unique, immersive wedding in the virtual reality environment of the metaverse. Our ceremonial metaverse weddings offer a futuristic and creative way to tie the knot, with customizable avatars and virtual venues that reflect your style and preferences.

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