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Online civil marriage contract

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Legal wedding contract

This wedding package is tailored for you if you can’t get married in the country of your residence and traveling is also not an option

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What you need to know

✔️ Lawyer fee is included

The wedding process is done by a team of lawyers. But you din’t need to worry about paying extra for their service. It is already included in the package.

✔️ You will receive a civil wedding certificate

There are religions weddings and there are civil ones. Religious weddings are conducted in a religious establishments such as church or mosque, and sometimes even via zoom. They are recognized by some countries.

On the other side civil marriage is recognized worldwide as a legal union. Even in the countries that do not perform civil weddings themselves (like UAE) a legalized civil wedding certificate is valid.

✔️ The wedding certificate is apostille

The wedding certificate you receive is apostille, which means it is recognizable by over 100 countries that are members of a Hague Apostille convention. However please note some countries do require extra steps for its legalization.

For countries like UAE there is an extra step of legalization required to have your certificate recognized but we’ll take care of it too for you.

✔️ Your wedding certificate doesn’t say “online” anywhere

It’s a regular wedding procedure with witnesses, registrar and Civil Registrar office. The only difference is that it is done by a lawyer with power of attorney on your behalf in your absence.

So technically for you it will be online, but the process itself is happening offline and the wedding certificate is no different than any other issued upon your presence. 

✔️ Married or refunded policy

We will make sure to do all the legal check up before we start the process. Technically speaking the only complication we may face during the process is with the embassy legalization at the very end.

If that happens and we cannot register your marriage you are entitled for a full refund.

❌ No wedding ceremony by zoom provided

Zoom wedding ceremony is as a cute formality but there is no legal basis behind it.

Our goal is to have your wedding certificate 100% legal, valid and officially recognizable worldwide. Hence there is no zoom ceremony but work of lawyers.

Once the process is done and you have your wedding certificate you are more than welcome to have your little (or big) celebration.

❌ No religious certificate provided

Religious weddings usually have a certain list of requirements and a very particular procedure to follow. They can only be conducted by a religious institution leader such as Imam or Priest. 

Many countries do not consider religious weddings (like Nikah ceremony) legal and still require a couple to complete a civil wedding procedure to have their union legalized.

Online wedding through power of attorney is done by the team of lawyers that need to appeal to have it done. Hence no religious certificate will be provided. Only the civil wedding one.

The process

✔️ Legal consultation

We need to make sure that we can help you and that you meet the requirements for getting married through power of attorney that’s why the first step of the process is a consultation with our legal advisor to walk you through details.


✔️ Legal check up by a lawyer

Before starting the process our lawyer will also complete the embassy check up based on your nationalities. Once we are 100% sure the wedding is feasible for your particular case we can move on and start the process.

✔️ Passport copy notarization

You will only need your passport for the process. We will take care of its notarization to make sure it meets all the requirements.

✔️ Documents translation and notarization

The internal process requires a few more documents and getting them ready and up to standard is on us too

✔️ Power of attorney

The process will be done by a lawyer with a power of attorney on your behalf. 

✔️ Local registrar

Local registrar will submit all the required documents to the Civil Registrar office. 


✔️ Witnesses

Pretty much everywhere it is required to have two witnesses for the marriage registration. And our online wedding through power of attorney is not an exception here. You’ve got nothing to worry about here. We provide witnesses from our side.

✔️ Local legalization

Once your wedding certificate is approved and issued it will undergo the local legalization process including a Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp.

✔️ International legalization + apostille

Once the process of local legalization is complete your wedding certificate will be fully legalized for your home country.

At this point your wedding certificate will be apostilled as well which will make it valid and recognizable by over 100 countries members of the Apostille convention


what do you get
Who is this package made for?

Our Online civil marriage contract package is tailored for difficult cases and for couples seriously affected by COVID.

If you face a situation where you can’t get married in the country of your current residence and you can’t travel due to the borders closure or personal reasons but you need a wedding certificate, we found a way for you.

The process is not cheap and takes about three weeks because it involves a lot of legal work by lawyers. But it certainly worth it if you have already exhausted all the other options and need a solution.

Most common questions
What is a legalized wedding certificate and why it matters?
Legalization is the process of making prohibitions from the law be removed, hence for it be considered legal. As it pertains to documents, it is the act of certifying said document to be recognized by the country that issues it and is then recognized by that country as valid and original. All bureaucratic documents in any country will not be considered valid unless it undergoes legalization.
UAE New Laws Issuance – Why You Still Need to Get Married

The UAE new laws issuance brings new landmark reforms to some of its family laws. The new laws will undoubtedly make it easy for multicultural unmarried residents to cohabitate. It’s important to keep in mind that these laws are effective immediately. They allow unmarried women and men to share a home legally.

The Effects of UAE New Laws Issuance. The UAE government is striving to continue to remain an ideal destination for foreigners to live. But the new laws don’t change the fact that you still need to marry if you want to acquire a family visa and give birth. Moreover, the new laws also don’t allow women to give birth without a wedding certificate.

The new amendments allow for the person’s country of origin’s laws to utilize for inheritance and divorces in the UAE. In simple words, it only means that the old Sharia Law won’t be applied to any couple who want to live together without marrying.

Why Do You Still Need to Get Married?

If you want to have a proper family or sponsorship in the UAE, you still need to get married. Moreover, if you live as a family without a wedding certificate, and have a baby, you might not end up being in prison. The new laws won’t be as punishable like earlier but it sure will cost you a lot of time. With that said, you might also lose your job because getting a marriage certificate from embassy is a long process.

Concluding the UAE New Laws Issuance Regarding Unmarried Couples. That’s why you still need the most efficient and relatively quick comparing to getting married in the UAE services to get married online. Not only will it help you to avoid all the hassle, but it’ll also allow you to support your family. It will help you to live freely without any fears and doubts.

If you know someone who needs such services, or if you yourself need the same. Don’t hesitate to comment down below we shall get back to you right away.

Seychelles Wedding Registration Process in Dubai!

Getting married in Seychelles is undoubtedly a better, efficient, and faster alternative to getting married in Dubai. But just like all the better things, it comes with a cost. It means that you need to register it in the UAE to make it applicable. It’s sad but true that the Seychelles wedding is almost acceptable everywhere across the globe except the UAE. That’s why it’s important to know all the information about registering marriage in UAE process.

Registering the Seychelles Wedding in the UAE

The civil wedding that you had in Seychelles will most probably provide you with the following documents

  • Attested wedding documents by the UAE embassy present in Seychelles
  • Authentication letter from the Foreign Ministry of Seychelles
  • Wedding certificate with Apostille

Consider following the steps mentioned below to get it registered in the UAE

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind for the Marriage Registration Process in the UAE

You will need the documents mentioned above to complete the marriage registration process. You’ll need to bring these documents to the MOFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Important Note: It’s better to respect the official dress code while going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Once you enter the building, you’ll need to go through the security check that will lead you to the cash counter
  • At the cash counter, you’ll present your query to the cash officer
  • The cash officer will provide you with the electronic Dirham card
  • You’ll then enter a big hall to wait until your token number
  • Upon being called at your turn, you’ll go to a stamping officer who will stamp your wedding certificate and will also paste an official sticker

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, your wedding certificate will be registered.

Concluding Seychelles Wedding Registration Process in Dubai!

You can also get the Seychelles wedding certificate registered in your home country. For that matter, you’ll need to visit your respective embassy or consulate to get all the requirements from there. Each country has its own procedure and you’ll need to follow the one that your country requires.

If you know someone who needs to register his/her Seychelles wedding in the UAE, share this article with them to make things easier for them.

Marriage in Dubai Court Guidelines

Dubai is the home to most expats; right after Abu Dhabi in the UAE. A number of expatriates settled in the country prior to independence. The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities. Emiratis constitute roughly only 20% of the total population, making UAE home to one of the world’s highest percentage of expatriates.

Expatriates in the UAE can marry in a court, temple, or church, regardless of their nationality, origin, or religion. This article would touch upon the basic guidelines and a more definitive one can be read in how to married in Dubai court.


The bride’s guardian’s approval is required for the marriage to take place. If the groom’s father is unavailable, the groom’s male relatives can act as the bride’s guardian.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are several requirements for expat marriages in Dubai court; they are as follows:

  • Original and copies of the groom’s and bride’s passports; birth certificate; original and copies of Emirates ID; original and copies of the groom’s and bride’s passports
  • Certificates of pre-marriage medical tests;
  • The certificate holder’s marital status is determined by whether they are single, divorced, or widowed. An authenticated certificate of marital status must be Arabized or translated into Arabic. Experts who provide UAE attestation services can provide information on attestation of a certificate of marital status. If the person has never been married, he or she can fill out an affidavit and have it notarized by the embassy.

It is crucial to remember that the above mentioned guidelines are only the pre-requisites; every marriage union is different from the other and the regulations differ depending on the parties’ nationality or religion. Which is why a couple should seek guidance from UAE marriage lawyers, your consulate for more particular information or experts in wedding paperwork consultation.


Depending on your country, faith, or denomination, the prerequisites for marriage in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE may differ. This is why it’s critical to speak with a expat wedding expert so you can get a more specific answer on the procedure and needs for the happy occasion. Not only can they assist you in assembling your needs, but they can also help you file them.

In Covid times, we have drastically seen couple move into a new direction of getting married online which saves up on a lot of time and energy. And lets face it; it meets the main objective of getting married.

If you are finding it hard to put together your paperwork due to the complexities that come along with it; we would be more than happy to assist you!

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