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Is it legit to
get married online?

Long story short. Yes, an online wedding is legal. But, the full process requires us to understand where do you live, what are your nationalities. As you can imagine in order to provide legal documents, our team needs to carry on a few steps. The good news is that we will explain everything and follow up until you receive your wedding certificate.

Where can I use my online certificate?

  • Online Wedding US

    Get married online if you live in the US

  • Online Wedding Europe

    Get married online if you live in Europe

  • Online Wedding Worldwide

    Get married online if you live in the rest of the world

  • Online Wedding GCC

    Get married online if you live in the GCC

What should you know about the online wedding?

Can I do an online religious wedding?

Yet you can, but it is better to don’t do it. When you live or are planning to live, in Dubai or any elsewhere in the GCC, it is important to remember a few things. Most of the GCC countries will recognize “Religious Weddings” such as nikah weddings. Those are usually not accepted in other countries. This being said the main difficulty faced with an online wedding is to get legalization from the proper embassies. 

Where will your wedding be recognized?

Based on your initial discussion with our legal advisors and wedding planners, we will review & validate with you all the needed processes for you to receive the proper certificate.

Is my wedding illegal if not registered in my embassy?

A wedding is an official document attested by a specific country. Same as a diploma, you will have to confirm its authenticity. This process differs from country to country and our team needs to constantly monitor the latest updates. 

How long take the process?

This is based on your personal situation. There are currently several countries allowing people to marry with remote appearance. The average process takes about 2 weeks to receive the soft copy. The hard copy will come a few weeks later based on the embassies own timings. 

What does your online wedding include?

Legal consultation

Every situation is unique. When it comes to an online wedding, we need to review carefully all the information. What works in one country, may not be valid in another. This process is the first step in order to proceed with your request.

Wedding confirmation

Once all information is collected, our team needs to review and validate all the processes based on your personal case.  This includes consulting our lawyers, embassies & ministry of foreign affairs. 

Embassy review

One of the most important parts if you want to use your online wedding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the GCC is the embassy check. All embassies may not request the same steps in order to authenticate your documents.

Online ceremony

Based on your wedding, you can request an online ceremony. You can bring dozens of people to attend the call and make sure to be present in such an important moment! However, all countries do not accept it and this is validated during your legal consultation.

Hard & soft copy

As soon as the wedding is delivered, our team will start its follow-up. At each step, you will receive a copy of the certificates with the latest stamps. 

Apostile & legalized

Some countries provide extra layers of verification. One of them is called apostile and will faster your process in order to get your wedding recognized. 

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