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What documents I need to get a baby passport in UAE


With the law changing in UAE since 2020, getting pregnant outside of wedlock is no longer punishable. However, submitting the marriage certificate is necessary before issuing the official documents for a baby. Let’s dive into this article and learn how to tackle this crucial situation and what options you have.

General Documents required for Newborn’s passport: 

Obtaining an attested birth certificate enables you to apply for a passport for your child. A visa application must be submitted to the UAE embassy or consulate by expatriate residents. 

The following documents are normally required:

1. Passports of both parents, original and copy.

2. Newborn’s passport-sized photo.

3. Certificate of marriage attested by an official.

4. Birth certificate with an attestation.

5. Both parents must have valid Emirates IDs.

In order to ensure that all your documents are in order, it is advised to contact your country’s embassy.

Online wedding without traveling

Women expecting a baby have amply of options of getting married within the UAE or even choosing to get married online. In recent times, many GCC residents have opted to marry in Abu Dhabi after the announcement on the new civil wedding court that allows couples to marry irrespective of their nationality.

However; with the growing popularity of the court one might find the dates of their choice. if you are looking to marry as soon as possible and online wedding can take place within the comfort of your house.

Words of Advice on looking for the best route to get the baby’s passport:

Whenever married or single women have the news of pregnancy, they feel enthralled from inside. Although, marriage is necessary for the upbringing of your baby under the shelter of both parents’ love. In some situations, the partners are quite far from each other, opting for an online wedding is the best and most budget-friendly choice in this situation. After receiving the marriage certificate, you can register the baby’s birth certificate and passport in UAE.

Schedule an appointment with our highly trained team and they will give you the best alternatives for your wedding issues!

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