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UAE unexpected pregnancy without wedlock laws

Is getting married online a good idea; with the new pregnancy laws in UAE

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Last year, new regulations were introduced in the UAE regarding unintended pregnancies and other problems. According to lawyers and medical professionals, however, premarital decriminalization legislation is rarely enforced back then.

There’s suddenly light at the end for those awaiting some positive news because unmarried women with pregnancy can now give birth outside wedlock. More importantly mothers would get all the necessary care and attention which was not provided in the past.

Read the post to the end if you have an unexpected pregnancy and you are not married in the UAE.

Main Pointers Regarding Unexpected Pregnancy: Latest Update

  • Living with your partner under the same roof and sex without marriage have been decriminalized in line with the current UAE legislation a few months earlier.
  • Any couple who has a child without marrying “will be required to marry or singly or jointly acknowledge the child and provide identification papers and travel documents in accordance with the laws of the country of which either is a national, taking into account the applicable laws of that nation,” according to WAM

Previous Vague Rules Regarding UAE Unexpected Pregnancy without Wedlock

The most important concerns for unmarried women with unexpected pregnancies are medical insurance and child registration. When a woman is not able to present a birth certificate, hospitals might ask the police to consult the Court of Personal Status on the birth certificate. 2 lawyers and 3 hospital workers provided this information.

In March the official UAE Government website said:

“The couple must be married legitimately in order for their children to be given legal birth recognition.

Regarding health insurance, Dubai Health Authority’s policy regulations state:

“Women who cannot have a kid or the ones with pregnancies out of wedlock are not covered by medical insurance.”

The DHA also said that it has no plans to modify these constraints anytime soon.

Food for thought on getting married Online

Getting married online became widely popular around the world amidst the pandemic. Most couples who could not travel back home or we living in different countries often chose getting married online.

If you experiencing an pregnancy and marry is on the table; getting married online could be one of the options. However it is important to note getting married online in UAE could take about 3-4months.

The other alternatives for fast marriage would be getting married in Georgia or Seychelles. Both these countries have easy visa process and getting married here is pretty straightforward.

Concluding UAE Unexpected Pregnancy without Wedlock: Latest Laws

The official Reuters website provided all this information after studying and examining the latest trends and figures.

There are two options available. If the government wants to turn the country into a religious community, the new regulations may be harsh. However, if the UAE government’s goal is to create a more open society, you should expect more tolerance in the future.

Well; its wonderful that the UAE chose the latter half and decided to be more liberal with their new laws.

If you are contemplating between getting married online or elsewhere; book a call with our team of experts and know about your options.

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