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The A to Z of Getting Married Online


Marriage; is a single word but embraces a plethora of emotions and meanings to people. It is the essential norm of society, from merging two lives into one to unifying two families, two cultures, sometimes two religions, and two civilizations into one. People get married in diverse ways depending upon their family roots and rituals.

However, in the global and digitized world now, legal online wedding is becoming the primary preference of many. In this blog, you will learn how to get married online and the legality of virtual weddings.

Two types of virtual weddings

1. Proxy Wedding

To get married online for real over a zoom call, the groom and bride must reside in different cities or another part of the world. For example: In the US, each state has different laws. In Colorado, the self solemnization of marriage is allowed, which means no official is needed at the venue of the marriage and hence proxy wedding is legal.

However, there is a catch. For a proxy marriage in Colorado, one of the marriage participants must reside in Colorado and has a notarized Colorado POA form. Others can be in the armed forces or a government contractor helping military operations in a remote location.

In California, armed force officers can only apply for a proxy wedding if one is deployed overseas. Obviously, you need to check your state law to determine your eligibility for the proxy marriage.

For people living outside the US, you need to check your country’s legal services to ensure their eligibility for online marriage registration.

2. Online wedding with a remote appearance

An alternative to proxy wedding, remote appearance wedding which is receiving attention worldwide. You can set up the remote appearance wedding with your partner, close relatives and a legal officer at the same venue and invite your guests over zoom call or do the live streaming of your wedding ceremony.

This way, you can pronounce your love to your spouse in front of the entire world while going down the aisle hand-in-hand without jeopardizing the wedding budget or the mood of the wedding. Choose your backyard or a destination wedding and let your friends and family witness the auspicious moment online.

The other option is to invite your friend or family member to be the officiant of the wedding. Keeping all fun in the family is a cost-effective method, and few churches offer instant ordination to an adult. So, your dad might offer a toast at your wedding from his home, and you are getting blessed by your spouse’s parents from some other part of the world yet still enjoying all rituals together, laughing and celebrating high-spirited, making it a lifetime event without making a hole to your pockets.

Getting married online can be a tad tricky; depending upon which country you are based out of. Hence it is always advisable to speak to a wedding consultant to ensure you are making the right decision for your big day.

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