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Should GCC expats opt for an online wedding or a wedding in Georgia?

Should GCC expats opt for an online wedding or an easy wedding in Georgia

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Most GCC expats are often looking out for more conducive locations to get married because of the absence of civil marriage laws in their countries of abode. After a fruitless search, many have decided to relinquish their hopes and opt for an online wedding. 

An online wedding is a wonderful option in many instances but a physical wedding can also be held in a nice location if the couple so wish. Georgia is a very good option for expats from the Middle East who wish to have a normal yet exotic wedding. The country is quite easily accessible so it will not be a difficult travel spot.

Online Wedding versus wedding in Georgia

Although an online wedding might save the couple a lot of costs, it might not have the fun that physical weddings are known for. Wholesome association with friends and family on the big day gives the couple good memories to look back to in future years.

Another factor that makes Georgia a great wedding option is the fact that the marriage certificate can be obtained within a two-weeks time frame. On the other hand, if couples decide to wed online they will have two wait for two months. 

Marriage laws for an easy wedding in Georgia

The Georgian government has put in place laws that greatly simplify the marriage process. They do not have complicated expectations that might discourage foreign couples. 

With just a passport, marriage application form, and the presence of witnesses, the adult couple can have their marriage registered. The registration process can be concluded in just a day.

Any foreigner who registers his marriage in Georgia can be sure to have the marriage certificate recognized in any part of the world. So why miss out on a physical wedding when there is a viable option like Georgia?

To learn more about easy wedding options in Georgia, feel free to speak with any of our dedicated group of experts, who will be glad to offer more valuable information.

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