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How You Can Register Your Seychelles Wedding in the UAE? | Seychelles Wedding Registration in Dubai

Seychelles Wedding Registration Process in Dubai!

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Getting married in Seychelles is undoubtedly a better, efficient, and faster alternative to getting married in Dubai. But just like all the better things, it comes with a cost. It means that you need to register it in the UAE to make it applicable. It’s sad but true that the Seychelles wedding is almost acceptable everywhere across the globe except the UAE. That’s why it’s important to know all the information about registering marriage in UAE process.

Registering the Seychelles Wedding in the UAE

The civil wedding that you had in Seychelles will most probably provide you with the following documents

  • Attested wedding documents by the UAE embassy present in Seychelles
  • Authentication letter from the Foreign Ministry of Seychelles
  • Wedding certificate with Apostille

Consider following the steps mentioned below to get it registered in the UAE

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind for the Marriage Registration Process in the UAE

You will need the documents mentioned above to complete the marriage registration process. You’ll need to bring these documents to the MOFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Important Note: It’s better to respect the official dress code while going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Once you enter the building, you’ll need to go through the security check that will lead you to the cash counter
  • At the cash counter, you’ll present your query to the cash officer
  • The cash officer will provide you with the electronic Dirham card
  • You’ll then enter a big hall to wait until your token number
  • Upon being called at your turn, you’ll go to a stamping officer who will stamp your wedding certificate and will also paste an official sticker

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, your wedding certificate will be registered.

Concluding Seychelles Wedding Registration Process in Dubai!

You can also get the Seychelles wedding certificate registered in your home country. For that matter, you’ll need to visit your respective embassy or consulate to get all the requirements from there. Each country has its own procedure and you’ll need to follow the one that your country requires.

If you know someone who needs to register his/her Seychelles wedding in the UAE, share this article with them to make things easier for them.

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