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Saudi Arabia joins the HCCH Apostille Convention -The meaning for expat couples


In the GCC countries, many expats wish to marry online because they believe the physical process is complex. However, these expats might change their minds if they see a country with easy marriage laws. Nations like these help couples save their time and effort.

Some months ago, Saudi Arabia joined the HCCH Apostille convention. This article will explain what this means and its possible benefits for couples.

What does Saudi Arabia’s joining the HCCH Apostille convention mean?

Before the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joined the apostille convention, people had to re-validate the documents they got, even from Apostille nations. This meant two times verification that required time and some fees to complete.

Under the new order, Saudi Arabia now approves foreign public documents that bear the Apostille stamp without a second need for verification. This accession was made on 8th April 2022.

Conclusion on the subject of the Saudi Apostille convention

Although the nation will have to wait till December 7, 2022, to enforce the new law, the idea is one that is worth commending. This new law means that there will be an increased flow of legal documents in the country.

Since this agreement is yet to be fully enacted, we do not know what it means for couples who marry in Apostille nations outside Saudi. Updates will be provided when new pieces of information come up.

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