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Planning to solemnize your union: Sharia law Vs online marriage

Planning to solemnize your union: Sharia law Vs online marriage

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With UAE rules, it has become difficult for mixed couple expats to get married unless one partner should have citizenship and meet all legal formalities. Some couples want to make the wedding day less hectic and economical.Several of them live quite far apart, so travelling costs can’t be covered. 

In this blog, we shed light on how to solemnize your union: Sharia law Vs online marriage .

 Why do mixed couples not solemnize a marriage under Sharia Law in Dubai?

If you a are Muslim marrying a non-muslim expat; you options are quite limited. If you choose Dubai as a destination for a perfect day of life, you have to go through long hectic paperwork especially when your partner is a non-muslim.

It is very important to have proof of conversion, birth certificates, apostille, UAE citizenship, premarital health certificate etc. Better to tie a knot online rather than marry in the UAE under Sharia law.

Online Marriage Vs Sharia Law:

Are you in a hurry to get married? Is your partner a resident of another country? Can’t decide how to marry soon in this situation. No worries at all. 

As far as you are concerned with huge expenses, having an online wedding under Sharia law is the best option of all. It lessens your travelling cost and makes the best of your life as economical as you want. You can legalize it in the UAE later on.

Sharia Law: Final thoughts on how to solemnize a marriage

There are some couples who aren’t big fans of lavish weddings. If you prefer a low-key nuptial, then an online wedding will be all you need. It is more personal to have an online wedding where only a few chosen people attend the ceremony.

Moreover, if your partner and you are both from different countries, or religions, or are currently living in different countries, an online wedding is the perfect solution.

A wedding with the love of your life is special for everyone. Doesn’t matter how far your partner is. Book a call with our team to know more about online marriage.

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