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What is a legalized wedding certificate and why it matters?


Legalization is the process of making prohibitions from the law be removed, hence for it be considered legal. As it pertains to documents, it is the act of certifying said document to be recognized by the country that issues it and is then recognized by that country as valid and original. All bureaucratic documents in any country will not be considered valid unless it undergoes legalization.

Processes such as residencies or banking would require legalized documents in any country. It is their way of making interactions between two parties legal and official. You have to, in all cases, go to the respective notary and have said documents legalized.

Why does a legalized wedding certificate matter in Seychelles?

As mentioned, the country has to recognize the document as legal. Therefore, for some countries that are not part of the Apostille Convention, they would require legalization in their embassies. Countries like Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE and Oman are not part of the Apostille Convention, therefore they need to be legalized by their respective embassies.

The wedding certificate we provide does have an apostille stamp, therefore having a document apostilled would only mean it is recognized by countries that are also part of the Apostille Convention. If you live in a country where they are not a member, chances are you would need to do additional steps to have your wedding certificate legalized. Having your wedding certificate valid is of the utmost importance. If you are unsure of what steps your situation calls out for, contact our legal team for advice.

What other legislation would you like to be legalized in your country?

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