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Muslim Marriage for UAE expat

How can a Muslim marriage for expat in UAE take place?

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If you reside in Dubai, you are well aware that it is an Islamic country that adheres to Sharia Law. Because the majority of the people in this country are Muslims, it’s no surprise that the majority of those who marry here are also Muslims.

Even for Muslims, getting married in the United Arab Emirates is a difficult process. In order to complete the procedure, you must meet a number of prerequisites. Here’s how to have a Muslim marriage as an expat in the United Arab Emirates.

Wedding Requirements for Muslim Marriage for Expats

The wedding procedure in the UAE is open to all expatriates and national residents. The teachings and rules of Sharia must be followed in Muslim marriages. Regardless of nationality, anyone who fall into the following conditions must follow the same approach.

  • If the bride and groom are both Muslims
  • Alternatively; if the bride is a non-Islamic(but from a book or Ahl-e-Kitab religion such as Christian or Jew) and the groom is a Muslim

Muslim Marriages Online

Due to the unique coronavirus pandemic, many engaged couples around the world – who had been planning a spring or summer wedding for months – have been forced to cancel or postpone their big day. Fortunately, this gave rise to the services of getting married online in the UAE which permits couples to marry.

Residents will be able to choose a day for an online wedding ceremony, which will be conducted via video link with a cleric if all papers and payment have been filed and approved by the ministry of justice. The service is exclusively available to Muslims nationalities and expats.

Conclusion to Muslim Expat married in UAE

To put it another way, a Muslim lady and a Muslim man can marry. In addition, a Muslim male can marry a non-Muslim lady, but she must be of the book religion.

If a non-Muslim man wishes to marry a Muslim lady, he will be required to convert to Islam. Polygamy is also permitted in the UAE, which implies that a Muslim man can have four wives at the same time if he can treat them all equally.

Planning a simple civil marriage or a wedding online; getting married is pretty much the best day of any couples life. Let us know if this article that helped you take that one step closer towards choosing the kind of wedding you would want.

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