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Civil Marriage in Georgia Vs Online wedding

Foreigners Guide to: Civil Marriage in Georgia Vs Online Wedding

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If you are an expat living in any of the GCC countries; then you might have felt the pinch when your wedding was cancelled. But the good news is, virtual wedding ceremonies are now legalized in several places, allowing you to say “I do” on your original date. But let’s not mistake an online wedding to be reasonable because this does come with it’s share of cost.

The past year also witness a rise in civil marriages in Georgia over many other wedding destination. Because Georgia offers you a rather simple process if you know what you’re doing. Despite coming from various countries and having diverse cultural customs, Georgian laws enable international couples to marry.

More information regarding Civil marriage in Georgia Vs an online wedding can be found here.

Civil Marriage in Georgia

Depending on your preferences, Georgia allows you to have a civil or religious wedding. A civil wedding is defined as a marriage recognized by the law.

To be honest, Georgia does not discriminate against religions or nationalities. Georgia will authorize your marriage as long as you present the necessary documentation. It’s also worth noting that Georgia is a signatory to the Apostille Convention, which makes your marriage certificate lawful in other signatory nations if it’s apostilled.

Documents required for a Civil Marriage

In Georgia, you will only need to submit a few documents in order for your marriage licence to be completed. Furthermore, there are no restrictions for interfaith or multinational couples. According to the official Georgian government website, all you need is identification documents like your passport to get your marriage licence approved.

Please keep in mind that not all situations are that straightforward. Additional documentation may be required in cases of divorce or the death of a spouse, and it is always a good idea to consult a lawyer or an expert. Our experts can assist you in navigating these elements.

Online wedding

Isn’t it easier than it’s ever been? To get married online, all you be required to do is send us a copy of your passport. But the fact of the problem is that completing the wedding procedure on our end is far more difficult than it appears. Our team of attorney first conducts a thorough examination of each case.

The procedure will begin with the couple registering on the Ministry of Justice’s website, followed by an appointment with the Ministry, which will then choose a cleric for the wedding ceremony. A marriage certificate will be sent to a specialized court for certification after the priest validates the couple’s and witnesses’ identities and the contract is signed electronically by the couple. This court will verify the details, certify the marriage contract, and give the couple an SMS message confirming the marriage contract.

It’s crucial to remember that the process can take a long time depending on your individual circumstances. However, for individuals who are unable to move or travel due to the pandemic, getting married online is the greatest option. But this does not just end here; after receiving the marriage it then needs to be legalized by the respective embassy too.

In Conclusion to a Civil Marriage Vs Online Wedding

Yes. You can have a civil marriage in Georgia or an online wedding despite your various countries. What occurs after you acquire your marriage licence, however, is critical.

What really matters to most couples; is the time, effort and the overall experience of getting married. Whether its in Georgia or online.

Contact our experts for more information about the unique process for you and your partner’s nationality.

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