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Filipino: Marriage in Dubai Vs getting married online


Through online weddings, Filipino’s can marry anywhere in the world. In the wake of COVID-19’s online marriages has gained popularity and is still trending amongst couples who cannot travel for various reasons.

An online wedding ceremony allow couples from all over the world to enjoy a licensed marriage. No matter your nationality, sexual orientation, or physical location couples can be registered. Each couple receives a hard copy of their marriage certificate, which they can use as proof of marriage. 

In this article we draw comparison between the requirements for a Filipino marriage in Dubai Vs getting married online.

Conditions for Filipino marriage in Dubai:

It is important to make sure that all the necessary paperwork and documents are in order. Some Filipino couples are required to submit approved and attested documents by government authorities. We recommend you to read the following requirements.

  • A marriage application form both bride and groom
  • One joint affidavit form
  • One marriage announcement form
  •  Required Marriage Report

Getting married online for Filipinos

During the pandemic times, mass weddings were not allowed at the Filipino consulate in Dubai. Mostly only one or two ceremonies are held at a time. 

Additionally, there is a short time to take pictures and enjoy your moment at the consulate. There will be many other couples waiting in line ahead of you, so you are most likely to spend a considerable amount of time waiting.

Most couples who wish to marry online, can simply start the process by consulting a legal wedding consultant and make the application for the same. The documents could vary if a Filipino is marrying someone from the same national or a different nationality. Not only does it reduce the cost of the ceremony but it also keeps your mind relaxed from the hassle of physical processing.

Final Verdict on Filipino marriage in Dubai VS online:

Online marriage serves as an excellent medium for Filipinos to register anywhere in the world. There will be many reasons why you should use this service such as affordability, comfort, and flexibility. Also, online marriage reduces the traveling costs and can be possible if you both belong to different nationality, ethnicity and race. 

If you both expats have different nationalities, an online wedding is a much better choice than setting up a Filipino marriage in Dubai. Our team will help you achieve a successful online marriage. So consult us for serving you the best marriage services.

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