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Destination wedding in Dubai

Everything you must know about: Planning a destination wedding in Dubai

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Experts predict that many GCC expat couples will need to add even more zeros to their wedding costs in Dubai. Simply because everything, from photography to flowers, is more expensive when it comes to getting married in Dubai. So much so that even the most basic items now come with a zero added to the total price.

However you can save money by choosing a less expensive location, having a smaller wedding party or getting married. Let’s just say in comparison to most destination wedding venues such as Georgia, Malta, Seychelles or even in other GCC countries; Dubai is simply the most expensive.

In this unprecedented with times; we’ve put together our top 5 destination wedding location to help you make this decision faster.


Weddings aren’t something that occur on a regular basis however a destination wedding is an altogether different ball game. Planning a wedding away from home requires not just money but also energy, time and attention to every detail if you are picky because let’s face it things can really go wrong.

A family-style wedding costs substantially more than a wedding with a smaller, intimate gathering due to the big number of guests and vast venues. Even if you are on a limited budget, your wedding in Dubai should cost between AED 200,000 and AED 500,000. We estimate that a realistic budget for a decent wedding will be between AED 1,000 and AED 1,500 per attendee based on our previous experiences.

As a result of the recent pandemic, an increasing number of couples are opting for a smaller wedding with only immediate family and potentially a few friends. Previously, however, it was fairly customary for families to invite no fewer than 150-200 guests, bringing the total wedding cost to AED 300,000 just for the reception.


The majority of women fantasize about how they will appear on their wedding day from a young age. A bridal gown in Dubai is likely to cost between AED 3,000 and 20,000, depending on whether the fabric is silk or not. Some brides might choose to spend the same amount of money on a designer gown from one of Dubai’s many stores rather than a conventional bridal gown.

The cost of each make-up look is decided by whether it is a day or nighttime look, as well as how many hours the make-up artist spent putting it together. Make-up costs around AED 400, while the bridal package costs around AED 750 and includes a bridal make-up trial.

Not to mention the cost of your jewelry, which can be as costly as you desire. For their diamonds, Western brides should budget roughly AED 3,000. Arab brides also cost 5,000 AED, and Southeast Asian brides cost 30,000 AED.


Couples were almost gearing up to of getting married in 2021; when everything came to a halt; when Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management issued a new mandate for gatherings, effective January 27, 2021, that stated that social events, such as weddings and private parties, would be limited to a maximum of 10 people and that attendees would be limited to first-degree relatives.

“The news, when it came in January, poured cold water over our wedding plans as we were planning to invite around 100 family and friends, with some even planning to fly down from our home city Mumbai, India. Everything went haywire, my wedding dress that was to come from India was stuck due to the lockdown, we couldn’t give out wedding cards as we were not sure of when things will open up”

Dubai resident Amira Rafi, 24, Khaleej times, May 2021


While the rules are still really strict about getting married in Dubai; many couples have opted to get married online instead and keep the reception for a later date. In 2020, In order to combat the fatal coronavirus, the United Arab Emirates has established an online marriage service that allows couples to marry despite restrictions on movement and interaction.

Getting married online might not be everyone’s first choice however; if you simply just want to get married and start your live with your partner we could not have thought of a better option

Planning an online wedding or a destination wedding in Dubai; let us know and we might be able to help you out

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