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Easy online wedding: The most practical option for Kuwait expats


An online wedding is the most cost-effective and practical option to tie the knot. The practice, has proven to be the most effective and hassle-free method to be married. Online weddings may prove to be an easy alternative to the time-consuming wedding procedure in Kuwait. A lavish wedding, may not be an option for everyone.

Perhaps you and your spouse live in different cities, or countries. You may even have insufficient papers to meet Kuwaiti legal requirements. If you are an expat in the Gulf Cooperation Council, you should be aware that a live-in relationship frowned upon. The only solution to this dilemma is to legalize your relationship. An easy online wedding can help you with that as an expat in Kuwait.

Traditional wedding requirements for Kuwait expats

If you are an expat wishing to get married in Kuwait, you will need to satisfy a list of requirements.These can vary according to your residence status:

  • A civil ID or a passport (required)
  • Illegal applicants, require a letter from the Executive Committee
  • Choosing heirs for widow applicants
  • If the husband is a student, retired, or jobless, he will receive a letter from the Social Security Administration
  • In absence of the guardian, predetermined heir should be present.
  • The divorcee’s divorce certification
  • Power of attorney
  • If the husband is a member of the military, the employer will provide a marriage permit.

The next step is authentication at either the Ahmadi Court Complex or the Riggai Court Complex. You need to submit the required documents and filling out the service application form. Civil marriage ceremonies are performed by embassy and consular staff who meet certain requirements.

Why is an online wedding the better route to take for expats in Kuwait?

  • Saves time – you may be with your love as soon as possible
  • Saves money
  • Online wedding planning is more efficient
  • No hassle to travel

Once your marriage is registered and legalized, you can go ahead and plan your wedding reception anywhere you pick. You always have the choice to take your wedding party to the powdery shores of Seychelles. The lush green pastures of Georgia is another option. If you would like to opt for a more vibrant and expensive celebration, Dubai can also be considered.

Final verdict on an easy online wedding

With all of these time-saving and cost-effective advantages, an online wedding is the most convenient wedding choice available. However, keep in mind that the documentation necessary for an internet wedding will vary. This depends on your or your partner’s place of residency. A virtual wedding is an excellent way to expedite the process of being with your spouse. As we all know, waiting may be difficult when you’re in love. It is not only convenient, but also inexpensive, so it is well worth a go.

To explore our online wedding packages and discuss more easy wedding options as a Kuwait expat, talk to one of our wedding experts now!

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