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Easy online wedding options for expat couples in GCC

Easy online wedding options for expat couples in GCC

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Marriage marks an important event for any couple. You might have the reasons that brought you here, ranging from difficulties in documentation, a long waiting period or just trying to find a quick way to be with your partner. If you are an expat in GCC, you must be aware that a live-in relationship is generally frowned upon in society. The only way you can be with your partner is generally through a legally recognized marriage.

A grand wedding though might not be a feasible option for everyone. Maybe your partner and you are residing poles apart or you have incomplete documentation to satisfy the requirements of GCC laws. This should not hold you back from being with your loved one, starting a family and having an easy wedding. An online wedding followed by a beautiful ceremony in Seychelles is all you need to make your day memorable!

Why is an easy wedding not an option for GCC expats?

If you are an interracial or interfaith couple, it is nearly impossible for you to have a romantic wedding in the Gulf. Generally, your only option is to register your marriage at your respective embassies. Even if you belong to the same religion, the process of wedding in the Middle East is definitely not easy. The law generally requires you to provide a ton of documents. These documents need to be attested and verified, which can stretch the wedding preparation time to almost what feels like forever. Once you do manage to get your documents in place, the next hurdle is to secure a decent wedding venue. This can be very daunting and draining. Since most GCC countries operate under Sharia law, it also prohibits a Muslim woman to marry out of religion. All these problems can take a serious toll on expat couples looking for an easy wedding. 

Easy wedding options available to GCC expats

An online wedding can be the best option for you as an expat in any of the GCC countries. The documentation needed for an online wedding differs depending on your or your partner’s country of residency. If one of you lives in a country with flexible marriage laws, this process will be a breeze. After the virtual ceremony, you can register your marriage in your particular GCC state by following the regular registration process.

Another option for an easy and smooth wedding is to have a destination wedding in a country like Seychelles. Seychelles offers you convenient wedding laws with minimal paperwork requirements. It has beautiful beaches and luxuriant jungles in the midst of clear blue waters. Perfect for your wedding shoot backdrop at an affordable cost.

Final verdict on an easy wedding: Seychelles vs Online

If you want to speed up the process of being with your spouse, a virtual wedding is an amazing option. Waiting may be difficult when you are in love, as we all know. Once you have legally been married, you can take your celebration to the beautiful beaches of Seychelles. Getting married online or a beautiful destination wedding is a convenient option for GCC expats. The final decision is entirely dependent on your needs as a couple.

Interested in discussing your options for an easy online wedding or a wedding in Seychelles? We’re here to help! Contact our team now.

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