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Easy marriage license: Online Vs Seychelles

Easy marriage license: Online Vs Seychelles

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In recent times, the internet is used for so many types of services that have never been imagined. Thanks to COVID-19 that changed the narrative. It was during the pandemic that it was discovered that the internet can be used for even more services than we had known. Services like Marriage. Yes, Marriage is possible without even traveling at all. However, there are still some limitations to this. In the case where these limitations comes in, you can go for a Seychelles wedding.

Read on to understand better how easy Marriage license is possible through online wedding. You will also know the difference between an online wedding and Seychelles wedding.

Online wedding

An online wedding actually means a wedding held virtually through online means. The wedding couples will go through a web-conference wedding ceremony (such as Zoom), which will be officiated by a competent authority to ensure every requirement of the marriage has been met. Most importantly, the marrying parties can be in different locations when attending the online weddings.

In other words, this option has provided wedding couples great flexibility in registering their marriages with remote appearance during the coronavirus pandemic. It is not a straightforward process. Even though the process is legal in some countries, you will still have to go through documents registrations in order to be legally married where you live.

Seychelles wedding

Unlike the online wedding, both spouses presence are needed in Seychelles wedding. The wedding license from Seychelles is internationally recognized. Wedding in Seychelles can be completed with minimum documents also.

Advantages of online wedding against that of Seychelles:

  • It is very cheap: it is far cheaper than having a Seychelles wedding
  • There’s no much pressure. This means you don’t have to start thinking of how to feed and entertaining guests. On the other hand, you will entertain your guests in a Seychelles wedding.
  • Everyone stays safe in a online wedding but in that of Seychelles, you will need to carry out some tests like COVID-19 test.
  • For an online wedding, You don’t have to travel from your present location. But for Seychelles wedding, you will have to travel.

How to get marriage license for online couples and Seychelles couples easily

You will need to provide your passport copy and power of attorney for both weddings. The process of getting a marriage license is the same for both weddings. You can get your marriage license easily. We will help you with everything you need. We will also help with your legal marriage license and it won’t take time. Just a matter of days.

To conclude on easy Marriage for online couples and Seychelles couples

It is therefore advisable that if you cannot travel, you can go for an online wedding but if you can travel, Seychelles wedding is your best option. In other words, both weddings are okay depending on the conditions attached.

Feel free to share this is article with friends and family. They will therefore be able to make decisions on the type of wedding to go for.

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