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Choosing your Abu Dhabi marriage packages Vs an online wedding


Since the beginning of the pandemic, online weddings have become extremely popular. The best part; people can marry from any corner of the world breaking all barriers possible.

However; with the new UAE law which permits non- Muslims and foreign expats to marry in a civil court, many GCC expats are considering getting married in Abu Dhabi instead. The new law, the UAE is encouraging marriages between non- Muslims and foreign expats in Abu Dhabi, and this article will help you get the best marriage package in Abu Dhabi.

About the New Marriage Law in Abu Dhabi

Before the new marriage law was introduced, non- Muslims and foreigners who wished to get married, had to get married either in the embassy of their respective countries or in presence of some special government employees. But with the new marriage law introduced by the UAE in Abu Dhabi, foreigners and non- Muslims can now get married in any civil court in Abu Dhabi. This has given many couples who wish to begin their marriage in the beautiful UAE a fresh boost.

Best Marriage Packages In Abu Dhabi

Despite the new marriage law introduced by the UAE for non- Muslims and expats, marrying in the UAE may not sound so easy. To simplify things for you, Easy Weddings is providing the best marriage packages in Abu Dhabi.

Easy weddings will do all the necessary documentation and paperwork necessary for expats and non-Muslims to get married in a civil court in Abu Dhabi. Easy Weddings will also provide various marriage packages depending upon the need of the customer. Some of the wedding packages in Abu Dhabi offered by Easy Weddings are:

  • Dream Wedding packages: These are for those who have always wished and planned a wedding of their dreams since childhood. Every choice of the customer will be taken care of by Easy Weddings in the Dream Wedding package.
  • Paperwork Wedding packages: Getting married in a different country may require lots of paper work. Why don’t you let Was Wedding handle the paperwork for you while you enjoy your wedding.
  • Religious Wedding packages: For those who wish to get married according to their rituals, Easy Weddings is the best place. We will make sure that all your religious customs and rituals are fully satisfied.

In conclusion to your Abu Dhabi marriage package Vs an online wedding

The process of getting married online is rather simple. However; you will still have to go through paperwork registrations and a few other hurdles in order to be legally married in your own country.

Whilst, Abu Dhabi is fast emerging as a wedding hotspot for tourists and expats. With lenient marriage laws and beautiful tourists sites, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for you to begin your married life.

Whether you choose to have an online marriage or pick one of our Abu Dhabi marriage packages; the team can guide you in the right direction.

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