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Catholic Preparation Course to Get Married in Dubai?


Getting married is one of the basic rights of all human beings. There are places on earth where getting married is one of the easiest tasks such as Seychelles or Georgia. On the other hand, there are places where getting married is one of the most overwhelming, daunting, and challenging tasks. Depending upon your nationality and where you currently live, you want to opt for the options that take the least time and money. If you are looking for something similar, then you’re at the right place. Because this article discusses the most important things that you need to know about the catholic course to get married in Dubai.

Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai?

The catholic church requires all the people to have a pre-marriage catholic course, in order to get married in Dubai catholic church. It’s one of the basic requirements from the catholic church and known as a prerequisite to getting married.

It’s typically a two days procedure that is conducted in Dubai’s catholic church. It normally takes place every third Thursday and Friday of each month.

It is compulsory for the couple to attend the preparation course session on both of the days. If somehow the couple fails to attend the course session even on a single day, they will need to register for the next month’s course.

Once the couple attends the course successfully the church will issue the certificate of completion. This certificate will only work if the names of both of the people want to get married are exactly the same as on their personal documents. That’s why it’s worth double-checking.

Verdict Catholic Course to Get Married in Dubai

There are some other options as well other than getting married in Dubai if you want to avoid this long process. You can opt for getting married online via power of attorney. Yes you will not receive a religious wedding certificate but the civil one you will receive is perfectly legal and valid all over the words once the proper embassy legalization is done.

Share this information with your family or friends so that they can choose the place which is most convenient for them to get married.

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