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A side by side comparison of an easy wedding in Bahrain versus Online

A side-by-side comparison of easy wedding Bahrain versus Online

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The economy of Bahrain is vibrant and that is why many people troop into the Kingdom for business-related activities. A lot have expats have reaped huge benefits from coming to Bahrain and some might want to include marriage in the list. For these expats, it is good that they consider the expectations for marriage in this country.

Bahrain practices the Muslim religion and many of their laws are formed on this basis. The Family Law that guides marriage is one of these. This post will help non-Muslims to know the standards of marriage in Bahrain and why the Online route might be better for them.

What is the marriage procedure in Bahrain?

The steps for marriage are easy for Muslims in Bahrain. The couple have to meet the traditional requirements for marriage and one of these is the payment of dowry. Below are some important documents for marriage;

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate and ID
  • Divorce certificate if any
  • Death certificate of any former marriage mate
  • Letter of Approval from an employer
  • The results of a medical screening test

The couple can legalize their marriage after submitting these documents and a special Judge finalizes the marriage for people who are not from Bahrain. Non-Muslims cannot have a civil marriage in the local courts. They can either go to their religious houses or embassies.

Why choose the Online route for marriage?

An easy wedding in Bahrain appears to be only simple for Muslims. Non-Muslims have to find their way around the system. This is why the online route can serve as an ideal option for busy expats. This method is very simple as the couple can even be in the comfort of their homes during the process.

The online route for marriage has many advantages. The process saves a huge amount of cost, it is fast, and effortless. Couples can make the most of their time and budget with this means.

If you are an expat who is desirous of marriage in the nearest future, an online wedding might just be right for you. Book a consultation with our reliable team of wedding expats for the best information available.

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